And so it goes

Baby Girl just drifted off to sleep again, thankfully. She spent most of the morning (from about 6 until 10:45) wide awake. At times, fussy, then others, simply looking around. Almost five weeks old now so she actually wants to engage objects. She does always seem to wake up halfway through a Publix or Target run so I cannot wait until my carrier arrives. I got one on Ebay; one of the “good” kinds that doesn’t cause hip dysplasia. She definitely likes to be held but I have a lot of things – like blogging – that require the use of my arms and hands. Thanks god for modern technology. Wait, I think slings have been around quite a long time.

Anyway, I continue to plug away at small things each day. Yesterday, I cleaned bathrooms – riveting! I also… worked out! I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and then this:dirty 30

Though, I did it only once.  I thought I was going to die after the pushups. Holy crap is that hard! Pregnancy is so cruel: you think you’re recovered and feeling back to normal and then you try to do any sort of strength training. Honestly, the elliptical felt great but everything else was just blech.

I mowed the lawn today and that in and of itself is a workout. The lawn was long and semi-wet and we don’t have a self-propelled mower. I tell you, my thighs were wrecked from yesterday’s squats so that was fun. I actually still have the smaller side yard to do but I was beat after the front.

So, some other things I have been thinking about:

The casting of the 50 Shades movie. I won’t see it because that book was a steaming pile of shit written by a 6th grader. (No? Just a woman with a 6th grade writing level then. Take it from someone who studied and earned a degree in writing.) However, two things. Thing one: I agree that Charlie Hunnam is hot but not Christian Gray hot. I think they should have cast Matt Bomer. I could buy him being that guy. Thing two: my baby girl’s name is about to get popular again as the chick they cast for Ana is named Dakota and this p.o.s. will, no doubt, be super popular with the masses. Oh sigh.

Syria: I have not been 100% following this whole ordeal but it seems BAD and I kind of don’t want to read about it for fear I’ll be too worried.

Dreams: been having bad ones lately. Last night, I was in my backyard at night, under a full moon. Except it was about three times as large and there were no trees. I was running, but not nearly fast enough, to get home. Once there, it was not my home and I was looking for my husband. I remember calling, to what seemed an empty house, “Is there a man in my bed?” And when I reached my room, there was, but it was not Ash. Then the dream skipped to this guy telling me we were getting a divorce. Then it skipped to me telling my friends (who were actually my friends, unlike this guy not being Ash) how devastated I was. Within the dream, I thought it was Ash leaving me. Then I woke up crying. SO weird.

Football is here! I know by December, I will be burned out on our all-Sunday viewings but for now, it’s fresh and exciting. I am pretty pleased with my fantasy teams and I am playing for money in one league so let’s hope I can go all the way!

One thought on “And so it goes

  1. I’m getting ready to try the 30 Shred thing. Got to do something–it’s too dark in the morning to run.
    I hate pushups too.

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