WWTK – Telling the truth

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Answer these as best you can:


“Be honest!”

1.) When was the last time you got unreasonably mad and why?
2.) Tell us one person you cannot stand.
3.) List two things that humans do that piss you off.
4.) What was the last lie you told?
5.) Name one thing about yourself you would honestly change if you could.


1.) I can tell you this easily: it was last night at dinner. The kids were almost done and I had just sat down (it was tomato soup and grilled cheese so my sandwich had been made last, of course) and just as I took a bite of mine, Elliot says, “Give me more sandwich.” I was SO angry!  A.) I don’t know who he thinks he is talking/asking like that and b.) after I said he’d have to wait a minute, he hit the table in frustration. Oh hell no!

2.) The first person to come to mind is Lady Gaga but I don’t know why. I guess she just irritates me. But really, it’s a type of person I can’t stand: in your face, too opinionated and not willing to hear other people out.

3.) Easy: pass the buck and make excuses. Own up to what you’ve done and take responsibility.

4.) I was just thinking in the car the other day about little white lies but I can’t remember any specifically. I am pretty sure I lie – innocently – to my children every single day. You know, they ask something about something and you say sure, because you don’t really know. And it’s a lie. Also, I totally made up an elaborate story about the tooth fairy. Lie or carrying on the tradition?

5.) I would grant myself more patience and a more easy-going demeanor. I tend to be a little wound too tightly and it does nobody any good.tight_as_a_drum_bumper_bumper_sticker

One thought on “WWTK – Telling the truth

  1. The tooth fairy is firmly in tradition territory, like Santa.
    My kids are masters at saying or doing the one thing that will send me straight up the wall and over the edge into frustration land.

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