Talk to us Tuesday, since Random is still on hiatus

Seriously Shawn

Another day home with the kidlet

  • I bought some Jimmy Dean 210 calorie breakfast sandwiches so I will stop buying breakfast after drop off each day. And you know, they are actually pretty tasty!
  • Baby girl is going though this phase where her 3 AM wake up call lasts 45 minutes because she wakes up and fusses to get back to sleep. But – even though I have done this before – I still don’t know if she’s fussing to sleep or because she is still hungry. It’s a pretty annoying part of motherhood.
  • I have to take her to the doc this morning. When you have a baby, they want to see them 2-3 days after leaving the hospital and then again 2 weeks later. Because she went back in a few times with minor jaundice, today marks 2 weeks since her last visit. I am interested in seeing her weight gain; sometimes I feel like she doesn’t eat as often as the boys ever did. But I could just have forgotten.
  • There’s a lot of selective amnesia involved in parenting.
  • I bought Isaac a pair of shoes off Amazon last night that I have wanted for so long but their price went against my morals as they pertain to childrens’ anything: they were  35 bucks! However, all his shoes are hand-me-downs and therefore, already worn. Maybe this pair will last. And besides, poor Isaac, my beloved middle child, deserves something of his own now and then.
  • The tooth fairy brought Elliot a bright shiny gold dollar (The one with Polk on it; LOL) and little Isaac was so excited for him but you could tell, he wished he got something too. Of course, the harsher side of me as a parent says, well, you can’t always get the same stuff as Elliot. The kinder side wanted to cry and give him a balloon.
  • Ash had a point this morning: Isaac has this quality about him that we liken to our old dog, Iggy. Always sweet and innocent and meaning well, especially in comparison to siblings (same goes for both human and dog in this case.)
  • Our weather has been really nice lately and it definitely reminds me that Fall is coming, at some point. Or, you know, Winter is coming. LOL. Get it?
  • Ok, I have to get her to the doc so I’m out. Hope everyone’s having a good Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Talk to us Tuesday, since Random is still on hiatus

  1. LOL I’ve seen that selective amnesia in parenting with my siblings and friends!! Seems to happen often!!

    Glad that you’re making sure to watch out for Isaac’s feelings lately… trust me, we middle kids need that from time to time 😉

  2. I’m right there with you on the midnight calls and the “fun” parts of parenting. I have a soon to be 4 month old now and I swear I felt EXACTLY like you said, “There’s a lot of selective amnesia involved in parenting.” So true!!

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