WWTK – Again, better late than never

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Sorry I posted so late! I had a training session all morning and then I got back to my office to a bunch of things to do. I’m a bad hostess today!

Answer these as best you can:


1. What one food could you, from here on out, never eat again and be totally fine with?

2. Would you rather be blind or deaf?
3. What little things irk you?
4. When was the last time you did something purposely and solely for yourself?

5. Tell us about a time something lived up to your expectations.


1. Honestly? Spaghetti.  I somehow burned out on this and though I will make it for my family and take pride in my red sauce, I have zero interest in eating it ever again.

2. This is a tough question. I’m going to say deaf; it would suck to never hear my kids’ voices or music again but I’d like not to have to learn how to maneuver in the world without sight. I think I’m too impatient for that.

3. I’m bothered by the sound of people smacking their lips, by the smell of make up on my face, by the feeling of my hair blowing into my face when I leave it down. And when pregnant, it really bothers me when my belly touches my thighs. UGH!

4. I guess it would be this past Sunday when I got myself a pedicure, even though I probably should have saved the money. I really needed some me time and I knew my nails wouldn’t be tended to for a while once the baby arrives.

5. The things I keep thinking of are all times when something exceeded my expectations so this is rough. First, I thought about when saw The Hobbit and reviews said it sucked. I went into it thinking it might be ok but then loved it. We went to the Omni hotel in Orlando thinking it would be nice but then it kept surprising us. I guess I’ll go with Disney World. I expected that going at 4 in the afternoon and just hitting a certain number of rides would work out for my kids and you know, it really did. And I was not disappointed by the park. I was secretly afraid I’d think about it differently than I did in the past but no.

2 thoughts on “WWTK – Again, better late than never

  1. I’d love to go get a pedicure, but for now, I think I’ll just stick to home ones. Finances dictate it’s better.

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