Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Let’s get on with it


Seriously Shawn

Better late than never…

  • Every time I have come into my office and not had internet, it has been a Tuesday. This cannot be coincidence. It also always takes them about one hour to get it fixed. In the meantime, I play the only game I have on my work comp: Vacation Quest: Hawaiian Islands. It’s a searching for items game. Fun!
  • So my brother in law has become a fruitarian. My first thought: he must be in the bathroom all the time! And my second thought is that I secretly don’t trust anyone who excludes too much. I mean, eat a vegetable, eat a french fry every now and then but for god’s sake, not JUST fruit! I’d be sick of it in a week. But to each his own.
  • I started my day by stretching again and feel pretty good, but this sciatic nerve pain is ridiculous. Pregnancy is ridiculous! Worth it, of course, but still, ridiculous!
  • Speaking of, I kind of hate when people say “ridonkulous”. I’m over that word. Put it in the word trash can along with YOLO, please.
  • I wasn’t going to weigh in on the Zimmerman case but I do have to say I called it. Is he guilty of racial profiling? Yes. Is he a d-bag who made poor choices? Yes. Did he purposely murder him? No, I don’t think so. Having served on a jury, I think they did the right thing because of that whole “beyond a reasonable doubt” clause. What it comes down to is this: two people, in the wrong place at the wrong time who made very poor decisions in the moment. It’s sad, yet true.
  • Now that this is over, I’d like to get back to the Jodi Arias trial and find out what sentence she will receive. because she IS guilty as sin.
  • You know what irks me? I bought some used Hanna Andersson outfits from a woman on ebay and the other day in the mail, I got a catalog. This woman doesn’t work for them so um, did ebay sell my info??
  • I don’t think privacy exists as we used to know it anymore.
  • Someone asked me what I wanted for my baby shower and I jokingly told them beer. I don’t think they thought I was kidding. (I was only half kidding.)
  • We watched about 3/4 of Rock of Ages on Sunday but it was pretty bad. It reminded me how much I love that music but how loosely strung together a movie can be. Oh well. They can’t all be good.

There’s what I have for you today; I have a million things to do in the event I go into labor soon so peace out!

6 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Let’s get on with it

  1. YOLO is getting out of hand for sure. Privacy? Theres no privacy! And now that we only have cell phones (no home phone), I get telemarketers calling my cell even tho I’m on a “Do Not Call” list. Pisses me off!

  2. I love games like that, search & find items… I could play them for hours! (hence, I seldom play them. lol)
    I didn’t know a fruititarian was a thing. I could possibly be a fruititarian. I’ve realized that fruit is my favourite. Currently, watermelon. But yeah… I’m still gonna eat fries, don’t worry. 😉

  3. Yeah, privacy doesn’t mean what it used to mean. Sad.

    Ridonkulous reminds me of the movie Bolt! So over it now, although the movie was cute.

    The nursery looks great!

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