THE Disney recap

For a few years, we’ve been wanting to take the kids to Disney but struggled with so many aspects. For one, what is the point when they’re young because will they even remember it? But then, I went so many times as a child and always remembered it so I kept going back to that magical feeling. Well, it all sort of came together because we were able to get passes for under 60 bucks a person, which is ridiculous, considering a one-day adult pass is 95! So we got six, figuring we’d include my parents. They were only good for four to close (12 AM) but we figured that was more than enough time for their first visit.9059405003_8f57fcc645_c

I’d say we pulled into the parking lot slightly after four on Friday, took the tram and the monorail, and then laid our eyes on the Magic Kingdom. The boys were in a state of awe, for the most part. I think they just took it all in at first. We walked through Main Street and stopped short of the castle view to figure out what to do first. Since Peter Pan is apparently always the ride with the longest wait, we headed into Fantasyland and got Fastpasses for that one, which brought us back by 9:25 that night! We then meandered through Frontierland and Liberty Square, where we decided that 25 minutes for the Haunted Mansion wasn’t bad. I kind of thought Isaac might be afraid, because he’s finally entered that stage of three where fears begin. So we played that by ear. They’ve changed the wait line since I last went (2004!) and they have more for the kids to do. It was the same awesome ride I remember it being and, luckily, when we emerged, Isaac said, “That wasn’t scary at all!”

Though Thunder Mountain did not have a long wait, we decided not to go because a.) neither Isaac nor I could ride and b.) there were more kid things we needed to get to. So we hit up Pirates and after, in the gift shop, the boys both got Jack Sparrow swords. We then did the Aladdin magic carpets, which Isaac liked the best. Next, my mom and I got Dole Whips, which is a requisite item at Disney, in my opinion. Ash took the boys up in the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse then too. I wanted to do the Jungle Cruise but 45 minutes is way too long for fake animals. We then crossed back over to Main Street in search of food. We ended up in TomorrowLand at Cosmic Ray’s, because Elliot cried for a hamburger. After eating, the menfolk went on the Speedway while my mom and I took a brief rest.9061688746_309ffd699d_c


Because there was no way I was doing the Tea Cups, we went down into that area that used to be Mickey’s Storyland but is now some kind of circus theme, and where they apparently moved Dumbo and doubled it. Weird. Ash and I sat out the Barnstormer coaster but my parents graciously took the kids. It was getting pretty dark by that time and with 45 minutes until our Peter Pan Fastpasses, we opted to ride the train, which I knew Isaac would like. We took it all the way around and then hit Peter Pan. Now, Ash really doesn’t care for nor does he buy into the magic and happiness of Disney, but he enjoyed Peter Pan. With time to spare before the 10 PM fireworks, we also went on the new-ish Winnie the Pooh ride, which is not very accommodating for pregnant women. I.E the safety bar squished me.  Larger folks best steer clear because that was rather uncomfortable. When we got out, it was just about time for their “Wishes” firework show to begin and we had a good spot where we had a view of Cinderella’s castle and the new princess castle, seen below.9059510819_cf6dd5f2de_c



Directly after, the kids got their promised second souvenir. They both opted for some kind of light up flashy thing and then we headed back towards the monorail. Sadly, that was when everyone was leaving, even though the park stayed open until midnight. Something was going on with the monorail and by the exit, they were routing everyone to the ferry. We had been on our feet way too long for that long trip back to the parking lot. In fact, Isaac was falling asleep in the stroller. Eventually, we took him out to carry and Ell got in, then promptly fell asleep. It was a short ride back home, with not much traffic that late at night. I think we got in slightly after midnight and put the kids in their beds; they were totally unaware of what was going on.

I don’t remember being that tired in a long time. Granted, I am pregnant, but still. I really wanted to take them and I think for their first time, we did just enough and stayed just long enough. No one really cried until we were trying to leave, and that was out of sheer exhaustion. Luckily, we decided to just stay all day at my parents’  house Saturday instead of trying to rush back home. We mostly did nothing. My mom and I went to the mall for a bit, we swam in the afternoon, then went out for Mexican that night for Father’s Day. Ash and I planned to see Superman but the time we wanted ended up being sold out. So we just went home and relaxed more, watched Dark Knight Rises on HBO. By Sunday afternoon, we were back home, sans Elliot, who is staying the rest of the week with my parents, as he does every summer.

All in all, a great time at our hotel the four days prior to Disney and a goof foray into that kind of trip. I don’t know if we’ll be going back to the parks any time soon; that was hard work. But well worth it this time.

2 thoughts on “THE Disney recap

  1. We are looking to head to either Disney World or Disneyland next summer. Bruiser will be five and able to remember meeting the mouse.
    Sounds like the way to do it if you are close enough.

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