MMMM + Post-vacation… stuff

Oh man, you guys. Vacations are SO nice. But you know WHY they’re so nice? Because when you get home, you appreciate things just a little bit more. I’m fairly realistic about these things; vacations can’t last forever and I am thankful when I get back to my own bed and can clean my house and get back to the normal daily grind. This vacation we just took was full of both highs and lows but it was definitely a nice break from normal life.

Wednesday afternoon, I packed up the car before leaving to get the kids, eat a quick dinner, and get on the road. Wait wait wait, I am forgetting the first speedbump along the way. I was backing Ash’s car out of the garage and I, uh, well, I broke the side mirror. Our garage is a little narrow for his Pilot and I just did not even notice how close I was on the right side. I didn’t obliterate it – I wasn’t going fast! – but it did fall apart. The mirror came out and the outer shell did detach from the inner workings. I first thought I could duct tape that baby on but no. I was pretty upset but I knew I had to admit my mistake to Ash, who was upset but not angry. I was feeling better once I told him but then, as I was finally leaving, the garage door wouldn’t go down. Now to my credit, it has been having funky issues the week before. I put that thing into manual mode and got on the road. I wasn’t even that far behind schedule and we got into the Disney area around 8:45, even before the sun had actually set.

The first night at the Coronado Springs was nice. The kids were a little weirded out by sleeping on a king size pull out couch by themselves but soon fell asleep, as did Ash and I. (He’d been there since Monday – this was a work trip anyway.) The next morning, I took the boys down to the pool early – before anyone else actually – and we messed around a bit before heading back to “El Centro” where we got breakfast then met Ash for a little while before my parents arrived. (They live all of 30 minutes from Disney.) There was a trip to the pool and various naps (but not for the kids!) and arguments, and rain, but dinner, and more playing and happy children. The next day was better; less rain, more pool (though the water slide pump was broken and that was a huge part of what excited us about this trip.)

Friday night, Ash and I had plans to go out with my sister and her boyfriend but then he got called into work and she didn’t want to be the third wheel. It actually worked out; we went to a Bonefish down the road from our hotel, Ash got a haircut, then we walked around Downtown Disney until our 10:30 movie. That’s when it all went downhill. We got into the theater about 30 minutes early and then it started to fill. At 10:30, a whole bunch more people came in and we had a seat on either side of us. People kept asking if we’d move over but we said no, because I don’t have to, just because you ask and also, that is why you get there early. Typically if a theater is full, the usher comes in and makes people scoot to the center anyway; we would not have had to move. We were nice about it but no, thanks. That was our seat. Well, after four people asked, the chick behind us started throwing popcorn then stood and told us how mean we are. Now, I tell you, this was the final straw and what prompted us to leave a day early. (We actually just left the theater and got our money back.) Instead of staying over Saturday night, we checked out then went back to my parents’ house until about 5 PM then drove home.

It’s sad to see Orlando not being the same as I remember – in terms of its residents – but REGARDLESS, the time away from work was nice but I am glad to be home. We spent Sunday catching up on laundry and yardwork and went to the mall in the afternoon so Ash could buy new work shoes. All in all, it was a good decision  come back a day early. I needed a day to recover… and to run. I hadn’t run in so long, it was sad. I felt awesome once I got back out there, though it was a fairly tough workout.

This week holds many more (annoying) things but I am still thankful that we got to get away for a little while. It’s something some people do not ever get so yeah, glad for it.



This week’s theme is ‘Summer songs” so let’s see what i can dredge up.

I used to love this one!

Who doesn’t love Don Henley?

This is one of my husband’s favorites.

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Post-vacation… stuff

  1. That’s too bad about the movie, but I really like coming home early from vacations so you can get all those things like laundry taken care of.

  2. What nerve of that girl to throw popcorn at you and announce you’re mean – that’s crazy!! I would have left (and got my money back), too. Not the way to enjoy a movie. And yes, that’s why you get there early, so you can get the seats you want! 🙂 Vacations are always nice, but it sure is nice to come home, isn’t it? 🙂

    Love your summery song choices! 🙂

    Chasing The Sun on a Pontoon while Drunk On You with a Groovy Little Summer Song on these Summer Nights in the Summertime!

  3. Vacations are nice, but gee that chick in the theatre really needs to have her fanny spanked. Maybe that’s the problem, she was never spanked as a child. People are getting more and more rude. The honest and ugly truth about it is women have gotten really bad about this sort of thing over the years. 😦 Anywho, I almost picked Seals & Croft’s Summer Breeze for today and as you know we both settled on Don Henley’s Boys of Summer. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Whoa that was sure an experience. That’s a shame, but I like coming home from vacation with a day or two left before running back to work. Coming home & then going back to work totally sucks. I need a vacation just from vacation. LOL Great songs girl. You so rock! Have a great week.

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