MMMM + Just another crazy weekend

Ooof, for some reason. I am feeling this pregnancy today. We had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday, we went to Elliot’s friends birthday party where they had a big waterslide. We stayed for about four hours so everyone was beat when we got home. I ran to Lowes for a few things, the kids and Ash ate, and then I met up with some friends later for another friend’s moving away celebration. The sad thing was, I felt like I really had to go, since about 20 people were invited and only five could make it. But I had fun. Admittedly, going out for Mexican just isn’t the same when you’re the only one not drinking margaritas. Though, I did eat flan to make up for that.

On Sunday, I was starting to feel the stress of getting ready to leave town so I know I put undo pressure on everyone. I started laundry, began packing, and then we tuned up the mower and got the lawn all cut. If we’d left it for a week, it would be a serious pain to cut when we got home! I kept plugging away at all the things and by the afternoon, I was seriously beat. But after having a panic attack and leaving the house, I felt better. I took the long way to Sonic and then drove around town a bit to calm down.  Sadly, I had to come home to watch the Spurs lose, but I kind of suspected they would.

Anyway, my brain is totally scattered because of all the things I have to get done before tomorrow at 8 AM. Zoey had to go back to the vet for her ear hematoma and I have to run to CVS for a last minute RX refill. Sigh. It’s always something, you know!!




It’s a freebie week and I want to revisit a band I showed you guys a few weeks ago, Crashdiet. I have found I like almost all their songs. This one is particularly good, and kind of tame compared to others of theirs.

They may look a bit unorthodox but I think they’ve got a ton of talent.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Just another crazy weekend

  1. Yes, there appearance leaves a bit to be desired, but nowadays if you don’t give the audience what they want then you’ll never make it I don’t care how much talent you have! New to me, but a rockin’ tune! Thanks for sharing, and joining us! Have a great week!

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