Random (Talk to us Tuesday) – Going off grid edition


Seriously Shawn

Heading out on vacation today!

  • We’ll soon be departing to the central portion of our fair state, like every other tourist. Though, we’re staying at a swanky golf resort (for Ash’s conference). I look forward to the rest, though I’ll need to be doing work all week anyway. That’s the thing about online classes, you know?
  • I have had almost no heartburn this entire pregnancy… until this week. Welcome to 32 weeks! Have more reasons to feel uncomfortable!
  • The hotel has a lazy river; my plan is – once there’s someone to watch the kids of course – to get some kind of refreshing drink, and just meander. I’ll look much like a beached whale in my innertube but you know what? I do not care. I’ve reached a point where I do feel I deserve some kind of special treatment because I am pregnant. I don’t expect it, but I hope to get it.
  • This is an incredibly short post but I have to make breakfast and get some last minute things packed before we head out. I hope you all enjoy your week! I will attempt to post sporadically, if possible.

4 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us Tuesday) – Going off grid edition

  1. You should get special treatment because you’re pregnant! At the very least, a cabana boy should be following you with a palm-frond fan.

    Have fun at the resort!

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