Friday Confessions – Time to make a change

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I confess… it’s alarming how quickly this week passed. Honestly; where did it all go?

I confess… I am eating a disgusting sandwich this morning. And I mean that in the way my dad used to say, about a really tasty dessert: Oh this? You don’t want any of this; it’s nasty. Just nasty. LOL. Yes, bacon  egg, and cheddar on a glazed donut. This is the ONE time, you will hear me say YOLO!2013-05-24 08

I confess…Elliot and Isaac had an absolutely AWFUL Wednesday. Both were atrocious at school. I always say: I’d much rather they act like little bastards at home than at school. I don’t like dealing with the fallout and teachers’ complaints.

I confess… they were MUCH better yesterday and we had a nice evening: Momo’s for pizza, a trip to Publix, and popsicles before bedtime. The sugar somehow didn’t affect their sleep!

I confess… I put off a bunch of work for today because I knew without it, I’d just want to go home. Summer classes run M-TH so on Fridays. NO ONE is here, which makes me just want to go home.

I confess… I feel hopeful and happy for the first time all week. I don’t know what changed but I really feel great today.

6 thoughts on “Friday Confessions – Time to make a change

  1. I feel the same about my kids, as long as they behave when they are at school or at friends I can deal with them acting up at home.

  2. You always hope they act better away from home than they do at home. Sometimes this works. Sometimes not. Bruiser had a bad day yesterday at daycare. He’s better today.

  3. I’ve been out of the office so much this week, I don’t know when I’ll get out of here today. Glad your boys did better yesterday. Mine will probably be little monsters when I get around to having them.

    Thanks for joining Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend.

    1. It was pretty good but I don’t think I’d eat it again. They have a variation with waffles and something else that I’d have a go at as well.

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