Writer’s Workshop – Oh, I lost it alright




4.) The last thing you lost.

I wasn’t going to pick this one but it’s appropriate today.

Though I was a good kid, I was pretty damn impatient. I don’t remember being that way but I do remember my parents telling me to have patience. Somehow I have managed to pas that onto my oldest son.

And the last thing I lost was my patience, with him. And I do this often, because it’s like he just doesn’t hear me or he’s incapable of change. I KNOW he’s only five (soon to be six in August). Maybe my expectations are too high. Am I wrong in thinking that he shouldn’t give up his spoon and start eating his yogurt with his fingers because he thinks it’s funny? He whines that he never gets so and so, which is obviously not true and he’s in a bad, negative mood. I find it very hard to enact the ignore method when he’s being that way because I see myself in there, so I want him to change that.

By nature, I am quick to anger and I am finding it especially hard to reign that in with my kids. How do you guys do it? How do you remain even-keeled even when what they do is sometimes so infuriating? I don’t want to be my father, who was always yelling and exasperated but I get it honest. I have to be the one to make the change.

I can’t lose my patience anymore.

One thought on “Writer’s Workshop – Oh, I lost it alright

  1. Walk away. That whole “count to ten” thing sounds trite, but it’s true. Walk away, get yourself in a better place, then come back when you can speak calmly. I think that calm, dangerous voice is much more effective than the one I have when I lose it and yell.

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