Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Catching up edition


Seriously Shawn

Super busy day but I am here, for now!

  • What a weekend! Garage sales Saturday morning, then a quick visit to a friend, lunch at Sonny’s and then 49 cent cones at McDonalds (you know, the ONLY time we go there.) Looong nap then just messing around the house.
  • Sunday, we sojourned to St. George Island with my friend, her hubs, and their two kids. Turns out, my other friend, her kids, and her neighbor and kids were also there so we had one big partay.


  • In the first pic, Isaac refused to get in the shot, even with Elliot there on the end.
  • In the second pic, holy WOW do I look huge! 30 weeks, baby!
  • We stayed there a good six hours and that was way more than enough for the kids. Ok well, Isaac anyway. Elliot would have stayed and caught waves on the body board if we’d let him. We got home, bathed the kids, got ’em a (healthy) snack and sent them to bed. And then we crashed too.
  • Yesterday was more laid back but I did laundry, cleaned out Ash’s car, and made lunch and dinner. It was a nice recovery day… until the Allergy Attack from HELL.
  • Seriously, I must have sneezed one hundred times over a three hour period. And this was after I took meds. It… was… awful. Now my throat is torn up and I feel like battered crap.
  • Oh, and I somehow missed about half my forehead (the right half) with the sun stick. So I have the makeup slathered on, though it isn’t helping the embarrassment much, sadly.
  • At 1:30, Elliot’s class is having a “Hollywood Ending” party; he had to dress all snazzy and when the parents get there, the kids are going to sign autographs and walk the red carpet, etc. Should be fun!
  • 581326_10103099738361323_2042827659_n
  • I have Isaac with me in the office this morning because he has a 9:15 doc appt and it’s worthless to drop him off then go all the way back to get him, you know?
  • 2013-05-28 08.25.10
  • Ok, writing this post with Isaac bombarding me with a million questions is nigh impossible so I’m out. I can’t find any extra tasty photos for you today because, well, Isaac is about to implode if I don’t get up. TTYL!

7 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Catching up edition

  1. Aww! What adorable kids you have! Sorry about the the sunburn. I regularly forget spots on my forehead, too.

    Looks like you had a great time at the beach!

  2. Having kids at the office takes more work that I think it will.
    Jealous of your beach time. But we got some mountain time so there’s that.

  3. 30 weeks already!! Wow!!! Baby girl will be here before we know it!!
    Sounds like it was a great weekend. I also had an allergy attack from hell. I can sympathize!!!

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