Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Feel the burn


Seriously Shawn

I feel like every time I turn around, another month has passed!

  • My sunburn was BAD yesterday but it’s ok today. Still scratchy and tight and well, hurts when I move. You’d think as I got older I wouldn’t make dumb decisions. But no; adults still do that.
  • It was kind of worth it: the beach was amazing. I really love the beach. I think it’s my favorite type of get away. Though I haven’t really spent a lot of time in the mountains so who knows? I may end up liking that more some day.
  • Dunkin Donuts got my drink right today! Oh but they messed up my sandwich. It’s always something!
  • I watched the Bones season finale last night and I have a solution to how they could avoid the, uh, communication issue. Two words: panic room.
  • FYI: I will be  26 weeks tomorrow. Crazy!
  • I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone this morning; Elliot asked for a pb&j sandwich for lunch so I made one and when he came back into the kitchen – presumably to check on my progress – he was like, “Eww, that’s not what I want!” Um, what? Kids are so weird, I swear.
  • I mentioned yesterday that we saw Les Mis this weekend. I really enjoyed it but think it would have been better had they NOT sang pretty much every line.  I also didn’t think Russel Crowe was all that good of a singer. I don’t know his background but I know Jackman started in theater (London: Oklahoma!)
  • We also watched THIS movie; weird sci-fi thing from the 70s with creepy bug aliens. Very weird but the kids were totally enthralled.
  • I have to make it through this busy week and then next week, it’ll be uber quiet around here. I cannot wait!
  • I’m a bit boring today so here: have some of this.tumblr_mkhak3uwhj1qaak3fo1_1280tumblr_mllncvzGu11qaak3fo1_500

5 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Feel the burn

  1. Ouch! Sunburns are no fun. The last one I got was several years ago and it was mainly on my face, more precisely my nose. Yep, it’s kinda like a beacon for the sun’s rays. Oh boy, did that hurt and it peeled! Not a very pretty sight, I tell you.

    Now, that’s a totally interesting fact to learn about you from your comment this morning that you’re related to Daniel Boone. I wish I knew if there are any famous relatives in my family tree. I know a few relatives on both side are big into genealogy, but I haven’t contacted them to learn any of their finds. Maybe, I need to do this.

    Well, I’m outta here for now. The tree removal service should be here anytime. Yep, we’re at it again having a lot of towering trees in our backyard removed so they won’t land on the house.

  2. I fell out of like with Bones just before she had her baby on the show. I just couldn’t feel all that interested. Things seemed to be devolving into serious lack of communication issues. Not my thing.
    I would totally take a sun burn to visit a beach right now.

  3. Oh man, sunburns are so not fun! Hopefully you won’t start peeling like crazy – that’s the part that drives me the most nuts. 🙂

    I just got done watching the Bones season finale – you’re right, a perfect solution would be a panic room! 🙂 Pelant really is a major psycho, isn’t he?

    26 weeks already?! Time sure is flying by, isn’t it?

    I started laughing at the Elliot pb&j request/reject – sounds like something Princess Nagger would do (and has done). 🙂

    Great man candy! 🙂

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