MMMM + Family visit weekend

OK… I am IN the office. I am here. Whew, guys. Just whew. I left my office around 2 on Friday and my parents were already at my house; my dad doing the edging in my yard. Hung out with them for a bit then Ash got home and while my dad sojourned (the 20 minutes) to Georgia, we went and got the boys. Let’s see, what did we do after? Oh yeah, Ash went to play cards and we picked up Chinese food. late night for the boys but that always happens when family comes.

Next morning we went to Elliot’s tee ball game, which is why my parents came in the first place. So that was fun and then we went home and my dad and I started on the string trimming but realized it was later than we thought so we went to Sonny’s for lunch (kids eat free on Saturdays!) and then Ash went to a card tournament and we were on our own. Actually, it worked out well. While the kids napped, my dad and I did yardwork. Yay! My gate FINALLY got put in last Thursday (we started that process at the beginning o March!) so all of that looks really good back there. I was pretty exhausted after that but my mom and I had some grocery shopping to do before dinner, which was tacos. Ash didn’t get home until maybe 9 but that was right after the kids went to bed. Long day!

Sunday was also really long. We got bagels and then left around 9:30 for St. George Island. The loser weathermen had predicted rain but it was a gorgeous day. Not complaining! We got to the beach around 11:30 and had a great time until almost 3:30 or so. I got majorly sunburned but that’s my own damn fault. It felt ok yesterday but today I am hurting. Glad it’s finals week because  I’m a mess. All in all, a great weekend. We finished up Sunday night with burgers and Les Mis after the kids went to bed.



Hmm ok, songs about friends. Let’s see. The only thing I could think of today was dog’s being man’s best friend so here’s a silly song about a dog.

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Family visit weekend

  1. haha I love this song! Kinda corny, but so cute! Glad you had such an eventful weekend. Sounds like you got some quality family time with your parents.

  2. Now, isn’t this the truth. lol A dog is your best buddy always. What a great fun approach to Monday’s Music Moves Me friendship theme. Thanks for dancing with us!

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