WWTK – Ethics and Morals edition

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Answer these as best you can;

1.) You found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot on the way into the grocery store. What do you do?

2.) Is it considered stealing to take pens from a bank? What about extra napkins or plastic forks from a fast-food restaurant?

3.) If you know about something “illegal” going on at your workplace but you are not involved in it, should you tell someone or do you stay quiet?
4.) You accidentally scratch the paint on the car next to you in the lot. You know you got there after them so it is your fault. Do you tell them or leave?
5.) If you won the lottery – be honest – how much would you give to family members/friends?


1. I have actually found money in the parking lot before. I usually look around to see if it’s painfully obvious that a person near me was the one who dropped it. If not, I totally pocket that. I mean, anyone could claim it if I took it inside so why not let that be me?

2. In this case, I don’t take pens mainly because I worked retail for two years and when customers took my pen, I got very stabby. Admittedly, if I go into, say, Satrbucks  or Chipotle, I take a few extra napkins and sometimes some spoons, if I need them in my office. Not ungodly amounts or anything.

3. I know of someone who is in a legal situation right now for something similar. Place of work had some “extracurricular” drug business going on but every employee was arrested. Did he know? Perhaps. If it were me, I’d probably keep my mouth shut because I’d also like to keep my job.

4. Man, I am stumped by my own question! If I really scratched someone’s paint – like, really bad, I might leave them my info. Or wait around a few minutes to see if they come back so we can talk. if it’s a small scuff, I’m outta there.

5. The age-old lottery question! I would definitely give money to my parents, because they’ve been struggling. And my sister would get a good bit for the same reason. See, if I did win, I’d take the lump sum. Pay my taxes up front and then dole out and save the rest. I highly doubt I’d be just giving it away to friends. Because Lord knows everyone would suddenly be my “best” friend if they needed money!

3 thoughts on “WWTK – Ethics and Morals edition

  1. ha! We had similar answers. And I get the “stabby” feeling over the stolen pens. Happens to me here, when I have to get a customer to sign their invoice, and they leave with my pen… I’m always like, Sonofabitch just stole my pen. It gets annoying for sure!

  2. Luckily, there’s not a lot of pen stealing in my office, but one things that I think is hilarious is that when someone gets fired or quits without notice, we are like vultures at his desk, pilfering office supplies!

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