MMMM + Weekend o’ family and busyness

SO I just got into the office; it’s 10 AM. My weekend was INSANE, but full of wonderful things. I went to work Friday alone; the kids were home with Ash and his brother and father. I had lunch with them, then came back to tie up a few things, then went home around two or so. We ran respective birthday-related errands in the afternoon and I made a decent dinner that night before we all just hung out.

The next morning, Ash and his brother had to wake up super early to get out to Torreya state park for their 50k. I got the kids all ready after some breakfast and gathered Ash’s dad from the hotel before going to Elliot’s tee ball game. It was nice having his dad there to help corral Isaac and whatnot. His team “won” again and then we went home to play for a bit. I prepped outdoor chairs for my family’s arrival later in the day. By noon, we were out again on the hour drive to the state park to watch the guys finish their race. As they say, things don’t tend to work out the way you think. We waited nearly an hour and a half to two hours total when we had counted on only being there 30 mins max. Uncle Elliot finished OK but Ash’s knee gave out on him (an old running injury) and he had to walk some of the remaining 31 miles. He was saddened and disappointed by his performance but we weren’t. I can’t even run more than 14 miles, let alone 31! The finish line was near pavilions, bathrooms, and a little playground so the kids were real troopers and hung in there. We didn’t get back into Tally until close to 4:30 – which is way later than I intended – but it worked out. I started making my lasagne and my family got to check into their hotel and go to Costco before coming over.

Dinner was a success, despite my late start, people were drinking wine and Coronas and sitting outside, chatting. We had Bruster’s ice cream for dessert and once everyone went back to their hotels, I surely passed out exhausted on the couch. Sunday was Isaac’s day instead of dedicated to race stuff. His birthday ins’t until the 15th but it was convenient to celebrate with everyone in town. We had 11 total people! Everyone got to our house around 10 and we pretty much hung out for a while. Weather was fabulous! We went out for Mexican for lunch and then people played cards and napped until about 4, when we did presents and cake. Good times, good times. Around seven we made burgers and hot dogs, beans, fries, and potato salad. I was ridiculously full but it was worth it; such a good weekend.

This morning was more laid back. I was thankful for sleeping in a little (the boys went to bed late each night then slept at least an hour longer each morning). My parents, aunt, sister and her BF stopped by on their way out and said goodbye, then Ash’s dad and brother came over. They’re still doing stuff today until their flights later in the afternoon. Meanwhile, I am trying to recover some sense of normalcy. I plan to work all day, then go home and feed the boys, go to Target for a few staples, then get them in bed a wee bit earlier tonight. Then it’s couch time and Bones and resting all night long.



This week’s them is songs your mom/parents listened to, whether you liked them or not. I remember so much of my musical childhood. Both my folks liked very different things but here’s one they both liked:

LOL, what a silly song.

My father was a HUGE Journey fan!

My mother was always big into country so here’ s one of her faves.

Sorry my blog is being weird; it won’t embed the videos for some reason!

Good theme this week! Don’t forget to come back on Wednesday for my We Want to Know meme!

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Weekend o’ family and busyness

  1. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! And your hubs ran a 50 k?! WOW. I had friends that ran a half-marathon last summer and I thought they were crazy-awesome. Kudos to him!
    (this intrigues me even more now as I contemplate becoming a runner… my goal is a 5 k. To think of a 50 k… boggles my mind!! haha!)

  2. Well, my friend sounds like you’re busy busy busy… had a busy weekend myself so I know where you’re coming from. Now how did you know many of these songs were favorites of mine? 🙂 YOU ROCK! THANKS FOR SHARING!

  3. Sounds like you had a seriously busy and fun birthday weekend at your place. That’s all exhausting work even when you’re not prego, so I’m totally amazed at your ability to pull it all off. Thanks for rockin’ with the 4M crew this week!

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