Friday Confessions – Long week ending

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I confess… It was a little weird going to work today when no one else is. My in-laws are here so Ash is staying home with the kids so they can all hang out. Meanwhile, I’m plugging away at the daily grind. But thankfully, it IS Friday.

I confess… I was in the mood for a Pat Benatar Pandora station this morning.

I confess… Last night, when Ash was making Isaac’s birthday video and as we were trying to find the right song, we stumbled upon a youtube compilation of the top hits of 1995-2000. THAT was a trip down memory lane. We both knew all the songs and as we listened to each tune, we sang and reminisced. Good times.

I confess… Conversely, the top 40 hits of the last few years was pathetic in comparison. I sound old but music ain’t what it used to be.

I confess… I’d LOVE to go home and clean. I got most everything done but as the hostess, I never feel like I have done enough, even if my guests don’t care and/or notice.

I confess… I have spent an obscene amount of time playing Candy Crush this week… and still gotten my work done. So I guess I’m doing pretty good!


3 thoughts on “Friday Confessions – Long week ending

  1. Enjoy having your family around.
    I have yet to get caught by the Candy Crush game. I think I may have to check it out though.

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