Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Abbreviated edition


Seriously Shawn

Damn, March, slow down!

  • SO, I STILL can’t believe I’m going to have a daughter. This blows my mind. I’m trying not to think about all the teeny tiny unknown things about it (wiping is different! hair bows! sharing Ash with another girl! clothes! dances! boys! PINK!) OK, that may be overkill but there’s just so many x-factors. I know things will be just fine and all once the baby is here and she’s mine. But it’s still so surprising.
  • However, I want this to be known (and this is my reserved right to express my opinion; please don’t take offense) that I am baffled over people who come up to me or my husband and tell us we’re “so going to have a little princess.” Yeah… NO. A.) The general American idea of a princess is that she does nothing, gets everything handed to her. (Not gonna happen in THIS house; ask her brothers!) B.) With two brothers and parents like us, she’ll probably be more tomboy than anything and C.) Should she choose to like those types of things  fine, but I will never EVER refer to her as my little princess. There. I just had to say that.
  • Spring Break is dreadfully quiet around here. I am, literally, the only person working on the second floor. The rest of the staff are on the fourth, and I have no intention of hanging out up there. At least, not for very long.
  • I am feeling that bowling on Sunday. I mean, I don’t think I am in perfect shape or anything but I expect not to feel sore after only three games.
  • I am going with Elliot on a field trip this morning and, for some reason, I am nervous about it. I really don’t know why.
  • Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain!
  • I know everyone and their mom will be talking about DST, but seriously, driving kids to school in the dark is really depressing.
  • And because I feel like this gif accurately depicts my life right now:
  • tumblr_mir4inichM1r3gb3zo1_400


Happy Tuesday everyone!

Here’s a preview question for tomorrow’s WWTK: 1. What is one thing you are never too busy for? 

7 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Abbreviated edition

  1. Hooray, a little girl! So, I won’t tell you that you’re having a little princess, ok? lol I get where you’re coming from, though. I don’t think people really mean “princess” in the sense of the word. I always called my DDs little princesses, but definitely they did not have a princess life. I did do the entire girlie thing, though. That’s just me cause I’m a girlie girl. However, don’t be surprised if that little girl of yours has all the men in your house wrapped around her little finger – not in a bad sort of way, but there really is something different boys and girls in that regard. How ever it plays out, having a little girl added to the mix will be fun!

  2. Like Jennifer so ingeniously pointed all – princesses aren’t all that bad. And Princess Nagger is definitely not a typical ‘princess’ – I’m sure you’ve noticed how much of a tomboy she is (liking dinosaurs and dragons) and would rather dig in the dirt than have a tea party any day. I bet your little not-so-princess will be like that too – especially since she has the added mode of brothers to help her with the rough-housing. 🙂 You will definitely find that girls are actually easier than boys (at least that’s what I’m finding out) at least during the toddler to tween stage – then it’s the opposite when they’re older. 😉

    Daylight Saving Time, Cat-Scratch Fever, Toothpaste Shortage: RTT Rebel

  3. With two older brothers, she’s definitely not going to have princesses for role models–maybe superheroes, Wonder Woman!
    I have decided that I want off the roller coaster that is our life right now. I done with the ride and want o get on a far slower one.

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