MMMM + Did I Seriously Do That??

That’s right: for the first time EVER (in all honesty) we didn’t set the bedroom clock correctly after DST. Luckily, I managed to round everyone up and get Elliot to school on time. He’s the only one who really matters because if I miss a window, I have to park and walk him to the room.  Luckily, it’s Spring Break at FSU this week so no one’s here. Plus, I was only 25 minutes late. I did get myself a bagel and coffee after dropping off the kids so there’s a bonus.

SO, my weekend was pretty darn good. In the afternoon, Ash and I had Mexican and Dairy Queen and then Saw Oz, which is a good example of awesome preview but lackluster movie. There were so many parts where I understoof the concept they were trying to convey but be it through acting or dialogue, they just weren’t really getting there. It was OK; I would say slightly disappointing if nothing else.

Friday evening, I let the kids eat chicken nuggets in front of the TV(this NEVER happens) because we watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which Elliot loved up until the end/moldy cheese part. My child is afraid of a piece of moldy cheese! Anyway, I thought the movie was pretty good; middle school DOES suck and this movie encapsulates it. Can’t wait to watch the others.

Saturday morning, I was having some serious nesting tendencies so I cleaned and tidied and got stuff DONE. Then Ell had a 12:30 birthday party and Isey and I went to target before a long luxurious nap. I guess because of the nap or because I had been busy all day, I was actually awake all evening. Ash and I stayed awake until 1:30  new real time, but I didn’t feel tired the next day. In fact, Sunday was really good. Originally, we’d decided to take the kids to this Discover the Dinosaurs things at the civic center. Except people I know kept going and saying it was not worth the money. SO, we pitched 3 ideas to Elliot and he chose bowling. We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch, Isaac napped while I took Ell to tee ball, and then we all went bowling.It was super fun and even though it’s a lot more expensive than I remember, we did a 2 hour deal that included drinks and popcorn. So that was cool. Plus, my second game was pretty good: 153. It was after 5 when we finished but we went to the store to gather things for burgers and also decided to grill corn, which turned out pretty good. Never done it that way before.

All in all, a fun productive weekend.


Good prompt this week: Music that tells a story of your life.  This can be a single all encompassing piece of music, or you can cut together several pieces, each that are about part of who you are & how you discovered music.

Let’s begin with some songs I loved early on; songs I called “mine” because I was instantly drawn to them.

I loved Billy Joel and David Lee Roth!

Then in 5th grade, I got into boy bands. Well, ok, one of the first:

Soon after, however, I found metal: (Also, only chose this later, slower song because Axl is HOT in this video. Ooof. Also, lots of seductive women in this one. You’ve been warned.

My hard rock/metal fascination always carried through but when I moved at 15, Counting Crows were a huge part of my transformation.

Then I went through an indie/punk-ish phase.

All that carried on through college (throw in a lot of Tool and Pantera) and then, Ash and i loved Punk together. (Full album; listen!)

My mother always liked country and a few years ago, I discovered this Luke Bryan song and I’ve been hooked ever since.

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Did I Seriously Do That??

  1. Wow, what a collection of mesmorizing songs. I really love them. Some are new, some not. Woke me up for sure! Woo Hoo Have a musiclicious week!!! Thanks for joining us! YOU ROCK!

  2. My evolution is similar, substituting a pop phase for the punk rock. Now I am pretty much country, but still enjoy the rock of my younger days.
    Sounds like you had a good weekend. We did too–it just felt like a weekend.

  3. Most of life I’d have to say I’m more of classic rock n’ roll gal. The sounds from the 70s-80s probably is my favorite era, but some of the 80s bands carried through the 90s and I’d ’em. Today, I find play mostly old stuff, but of the newer tunes out there the hipper sound of today’s contemporary country reminds me very much of the old days. Loved your choices! Great dancing with you on Monday’s Music Moves Me!

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