WWTK – Leisure time edition

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1. Please follow both of the hosts: Myself and Kenzie

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4. Don’t forget to have fun!


1. What is one thing you are never too busy for?
2. What is/are your favorite show(s)?
3. Would you rather get a pedicure or a manicure?
4. How do you spend your day when the weather is sunny and warm?
5. When is the last time you went on a picnic?
Bonus. What is your favorite thing to eat/bring to a picnic?
1. I would love for my honest answer to be my children here but sometimes, I want to be busy just to get away from them for five minutes! LOL. Well, if they need me or really want me then no, I am never too busy for them.8546000093_ddca3ac817_c
2. It’s tough because I hardly have shows I HAVE to watch. I’m going to go with Bones, Friends,  and  Big Bang Theory, even though I don’t think it’s the funniest show but it’s always on and it’s usually entertaining.3. Hands down, pedicure. There’s something awesome about sea salt in a hot jacuzzi, swirling around my feet,  a pumice stone for my worn soles, cut cuticles, a seas salt leg scrub, a hot stone leg massage, a foot massage, and a hot towel after. My salon is ridiculously awesome.

4. On warm, sunny days, I’d prefer to walk the dogs, lay in the yard while the kids play nicely, and sip a cold beer. However, we usually either let the kids run around the yard while we check FB on our phones or we take them to the playground until we can no longer stand it. If I get a moment to myself, I love to lay out on my deck and tan while listening to Jimmy Buffett.6030793506_c516d4168e_z

5. Ok technically, it wasn’t a picnic but I think it may count. When we were driving to Chicago, after our first four hours, we stopped in Montgomery and had sandwiches at a playground. The last time I had a real picnic was when Elliot was about seven months old!Bonus: I don’t know why but potato salad always tastes better at a picnic. Whenever I have attended an outing like that, I go for the potato salad first.images

P.S. Kenzie and I are doing an email list now so you can get the questions ahead of time. If you want to be included, let us know!

4 thoughts on “WWTK – Leisure time edition

  1. Ha ha I love your answer to no. 1, I know the feeling well.
    The Big Bang Theory is hilarious, I love that show!
    Wow, your salon does sound incredible!! I wish mine did all of that!
    I love potato salad!

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