WWTK Wednesday – Some random questions

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1.  Where is your favorite place to go on vacation, and if you could choose any place to go where would you go?

2.  What is your favorite hobby?

3.  When you need to get out of the house, what do you do? 

4.  What is your go to date night idea?

5.  Do you have any tattoos, if so what of and where?

{BONUS} If you have a photo and don’t mind showing us, feel free!


1. My favorite place to vacation is on the beach. I’m not really picky about it; Ash and I had our first true beach vacation in Hawaii for our Honeymoon. The past few years, we’ve been going to various Florida beaches. If I could choose anywhere, though, I would want to try camping in the woods somewhere. (Shown below: Hawaiian sunset)


2. Funny, I just blogged about hobbies last week. I am lousy when it comes to actually pinpointing what I like to do. Running, before getting pregnant again. I like to write, of course. But I don’t have any sort of creative hobby. But I am on the search for something new!

3. I used to go up to Borders and browse romance novels while sipping a coffee if I had to get out of the house. Now, I usually come up with something I need to buy and head to the appropriate store. I have been known to just up and go and maybe stop by Sonic for a drink and then just drive, which I love doing.

4. Typically  Ash and I don’t do date NIGHTs because we have Friday afternoon dates (eating lunch and a movie). BUT, if we were going to go out, we typically go to Boenfish or Shula’s 347, then – if I had my way – we’d walk around a nice park or maybe eat dessert outside somewhere.

5. I have three tattoos; two of them I got when I was 20/21 and then the last one, this past June. These are on my left ankle, left calf, and right calf, respectively. Photos below: (calf tat #1 is a lot like the ankle one)calf-tat527676_10102005274056563_41181530_n

5 thoughts on “WWTK Wednesday – Some random questions

  1. I love the beach, we try to go as often as we can. We are only about an hour and a half away so the drive isn’t bad. But our beaches are always windy and cold. It would sure be nice to go to a warm and sunny beach!
    I really want to start running!
    Love the tattoos!

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