Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Rain rain, go away


Seriously Shawn

Doesn’t a beach get-away sound good right now? Yeah, that’s what’s on my mind today

  • So apparently, people are up in arms about how “offensive” Seth McFarlane was as the Oscars host. Personally, I don’t really spend time being offended by petty things like that. I have waaay more important things to worry about these days. If it’s so offensive, turn the channel, come back in a moment. And for the record, the “We saw your boobs” song was kind of funny. I mean, it’s true. How could anyone be mad about the truth? 
  • One day last week, Ash was out and the boys and I had made a pretty nice chicken dinner and I decided we’d run out for dessert. I *never* do this so it was a real treat. We went to Sonic so Ell could get a milkshake and I got what I have been craving for weeks: a cherry limeade. The evening was clear and beautiful so we took a little drive around Lake Ella. I had forgotten how much I love driving at dusk. It’s a calming time. I need to relish in those moments more often, I have decided.
  • I told Ash last night that I know what I want for my birthday: to eat without children. I barely care where we go (though I’d prefer one of the nicer places in Tally I haven’t been) but I want to sit down and have someone serve me nice food without having to tell a child to lower their voice or use a utensil or napkin. I miss the days before kids sometimes, just for this aspect alone. Of course back then, I have no perspective. It was normal for Ash and I to go out three, four times a week and indulge by ourselves. But yeah, looking forward to a birthday dinner. (only 30 days away!)
  • For the record, Ash will actually be out of town on my actual birthday. He has a business trip for a conference and well, that kind of sucks. I’m not big on birthdays but still. That’s crappy.
  • I own one pair of real winter shoes: Merrell Primo Chills. I have had them for quite a while and every now and then, I scope ebay for a good pre-owned pair. Well I finally found some and ended up paying about 34 bucks for a 90 dollar pair of shoes. Look at the difference between the semi-used ones and my old beat up ones:2013-02-26 06.46.202013-02-26 06.46.41
  • Yeah, I am hard on shoes
  • Hey, hey you know what? The sun is out today! It’s fairly amazing, considering it’s been bordering on monsoon, not even kidding.
  • Let’s get back to basics here today. My friend on Facebook (a dad, if you must know) asked, “Jeremy Renner or Daniel Craig?” Well, you know my answer: Both, at the same time. (Pretty sure that’s not what he meant.)0a618ec9d464021dbd6b061dde25d779371ae2fad1f773a2cf29d4d0dccb97cc


Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the We Want to Know Meme! Here’s a preview question:

When you need to get out of the house, what do you do? 

6 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Rain rain, go away

  1. Sigh, I love looking at yummy man candy.
    I could really do with a dinner out without kids too. Someone else to serve, cook, and clean up. And no one to tell to sit still, eat more, be quiet, eat like a civilized human, not a caveman…
    Dreams are wonderful things.

  2. Those shoes look so cozy. I beat up my shoes too. I have acorn slippers, which are pricey for slippers, and I’ve worn them out so bad I had to put Dr. Scholl’s inserts into them. It’s time for a new pair, but I’m cheap.
    People are wayyy too uptight these days. I love Seth McFarlane.
    I hope you get your birthday wish! I’m enjoying our peaceful dinners while we still have them. 🙂

  3. Last week when we went out to the movies it was pure heaven. I didn’t have to pay attention to anything but the movie! I hope that your husband surprises you on your birthday by getting you a babysitter and a spa day so you get some pampering.

    As for Jeremy and Daniel, who says you have to choose? Plenty of fun for both!

  4. I didn’t watch the Oscars and I have no clue who Seth McFarlane is but I agree, change the channel if you don’t like it. However, I also think that “regular” TV has gotten a little out of control with what they allow, it’s sad when I’m uncomfortable watching a sitcom with my 13 year old.

    Your dessert was a cherry-limeade. Yep, it’s official, I’m a heifer!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

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