MMMM + Oscar/Combine/Daytona weekend

Oh *sigh*. It’s been raining almost nonstop since, what, Thursday? Friday? All I know is that it did clear up Sunday morning and it was gorgeous. I went out and snapped a photo of our azaleas:8505657736_6c24317cc7_c

And then by about 4 PM, it was dark again and then? Yeah, it hailed. Big hail, for the likes of our town:


It came on us fast and left fast; led the way for more torrential rain. BUT, that wasn’t all my weekend was comprised of. No, Ash and I had hibachi on Friday and then saw the Die Hard movie, which was pretty good. Not amazing but it’s an action movie; what more are you looking for? We had about an hour before picking up the kids so you know what we did? We totally took a nap. Ahh, wonderful. I cannot really remember the rest of the night; it was most definitely raining.

Without a soccer game Saturday morning, we hung around, puttered. Around 10 or so, we headed to Costco and then I picked up a pizza. Really, we did very little on Saturday other than watch the NFL combine stuff. I always like to watch that; it’s like watching  a training sequence in a movie. Went to bed kind of early that night because Ash had a marathon Sunday morning. (P.S. I am sleeping much better now; the cold or whatever seems to have passed. THANK GOD.)

So yes, Ash got up at the ass-crack to head to the Wakulla state forest. This was his third marathon on six weeks and I THINK he’s a wee bit burned out. But they have all been training runs for his 50k in April. While he was out busting his hump, the boys and I went to a local place for breakfast and then Publix but oh, that was when the weather got magically better. We walked the dogs and enjoyed it while we could. I watched the NASCAR race in the afternoon. I haven’t really watched it in a while but I grew up on that stuff. I have an aunt who went to multiple races per year with her then husband. I had race shirts from various tracks and drivers all throughout my childhood. I have even gone to a few races. By far, the most fun thing is tailgating of course. And while I watched yesterday, I bemoaned the fact I couldn’t drink a beer. Oh, woe! But I take solace in the fact that summer here lasts all the way through September so I still have some time later this year for those cold beers on hot days.

After a big dinner of filet, mashed potatoes, and corn, we hunkered down to watch the Oscars. I was feeling really awake and yet, somehow fell asleep in time to miss the last three (and biggest)  categories. Though, the winners were exactly who I had figured: Lawrence, Lewis, Argo. Overall, good weekend. Though I do still feel (as I posted on Facebook last week) that I need to get out of town, if only for a day. I need to do something!



Oh, I like this week’s theme: songs that  bring back  a good memory whether it be songs, commercial jingles, etc.

I have so many, you guys!

I chose this one because when I was young, I listened to the Beatles a lot, because my dad did. And I remember when he told people this was “our” song.

This song reminds me of my best friends in late middle school and all the jokes we had. This one was a great song for that; plus there was  guy in our classes who looked like the lead singer.

In high school, I had a friend who liked a lot of old things and we’d ride around in his 70s Lincoln Mark V and listen to classic music. We blasted this song!

There are plenty more I could choose but three is good for today.

Don’t forget to come back on Wednesday for the We Want to Know meme!!

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Oscar/Combine/Daytona weekend

  1. Hail? Wow, that is some weather. We had snow. Saturday night and all day Sunday. Kinda wish it had come earlier in the year, but this is normal for us.

  2. Sunday’s weather here in the TN valley was gorgeous! Today is suppose to be a repeat of yesterday, but it’s not looking the part at the moment. By the weekend, the weather is going to all winter like again. I can’t wait for spring! Speaking of which the daffodils in the neighborhood are blooming – just love it!

    Oh I love Frankie Valli’s “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” Great to have you out on the dance floor with the Monday’s Music Moves Me crew. Have a musical week!

  3. Remind me about that meme & I’ll be back. Love love love Franki Vali. That was my high-school years! Thanks for sharing, and I never heard that John Lennon song. That was so cute you & your dad had your own song! Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

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