MMMM + The Weekend That Was

I’m easing into the day. I spent some extra time home at this morning, purposely, so it wouldn’t feel rushed. I have a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit that I made and some coffee and some music too… it’s going to be a good morning. I shall make it so.

Friday evening Ash went out so I took the kids to Target. I didn’t need much but it’s sometimes fun to just stroll. And my night was relaxing after the kids were asleep. Saturday morning consisted of some cleaning and prepping for Ell’s 11 o’clock soccer game. They didn’t win but it was close. We went to Cracker Barell after because I wanted some comfort food (and I knew we’d be having spaghetti for dinner, which I am having a total aversion to. Blech.) We all napped and that was fantastic. There is nothing like a mid-afternoon, two hour nap on a bright sunny day. I am telling you. We had to get Ash’s race packet after but that was quick; our city’s marathon (The Tallahassee Marathon) is not huge, you see. I made dinner, we watched A Goofy Movie and the kids went to sleep. Actually, I skipped the first 30 minutes of the movie to get my ass on the elliptical. Note: 13 weeks 3 days: got on the elliptical and it felt great!

Sunday morning Ash left early for his race so I made the boys eggs and banana maple pancakes. Yum! They played together for a very long time (i.e. over an hour) exceptionally well. It was kind of weird, actually. Like Twilight Zone weird. But, I got a lot of random things done. You know those tiny tasks you forget to do? Yeah, I did those. Like clean off the soap gunk that accumulates on top of the washing machine. And the dust on the bathroom exhaust vent. And I cleaned off the chotchkies I keep on my kitchen window sill.

Ash didn’t have a goal time for this race because he was really only running it for training. He was already slated to run 24. SO, he said it was his best marathon ever. (His time was 4:08.) We parked on campus and watched him finish and then we all went out for Mexican. Yeah, out to lunch two days in a row. So unlike us! Though, very much how we used to be. It was nice though. Repeat of Saturday with the nap, though I laid in the sun for a little while before. I am daydreaming of sandy beaches already. My tan is coming along nicely.Β  My only problem is that I keep thinking about buying cute spring/summer clothes but there’s no point: I’m only going to keep getting larger and larger. After this kid id born – knowing it’s my last – I am getting serious about losing the weight. Most of it came off after starting to run after the second pregnancy but man, I got lazy these last six months and I do not like my pooch. Blech.

SO, Superbowl recap: the team that should have won, did. Apologies (not sincere) to the guy who got paid off to cut the lights. πŸ˜‰ I wouldn’t put it past someone, honestly. My condolences to actual 49ers fans though; I know a whole lot of front-runners so it’s hard for me to like them. I’m not necessarily a Ravens fan but I don’t dislike them. And I did want to see Ray Lewis get one more before he retired. It’s a great story. Glad it worked out for them all. Meanwhile, we ate junk, as we promised the kids. They got candy, Doritos, Chips and Cheese, and chocolate cake. I refrained from most of it, eating guacamole with my chips and saving my indulgence for a slice of cake with ice cream. Aww yeah. All in all, a great weekend.


Ahh freebie weeks; the best! This week, I am bringing you some more Matisyahu (I posted him on another of my weekly posts) and some other reggae songs that really boost your mood.

Ziggy, carrying on the Marley tradition.

Toots and the Maytals; they play this band a lot on Jimmy Buffet radio.

And one of the best Bob Marley songs of all time.

Hope these got your day off to a bright and happy start. Peace out!

8 thoughts on “MMMM + The Weekend That Was

  1. These were so soothing and wonderful with my first cup of coffee! Your pancakes sound delicious and long naps on the weekend in the sun are divine πŸ™‚

  2. We were cheering the Ravens on, too. I was delighted, especially for Ray Lewis. That whole power outage seemed so weird to have happened during such a big sporting event, you know? And, I hadn’t thought about the possibility of it being done on purpose. I wouldn’t put it pass someone’s off-the-wall judgement to do just that.

    I loved the sound of your tunes for this week’s freebie pick. Thanks for joining us on the virtual dance floor at Monday’s Music Moves Me, my friend! Have a musical week!!

  3. We don’t do sports in our home. Hubby is a musician and he had a gig on Saturday night, but we did watch the half time. Beyonce put on a great show & loved seeing Destiny’s Child. Too cute! Love me some reggae! Get’s me a bobbin’ in my chair. I have Marley’s picture in my Hall of Fame I have in my staircase going into the basement on the wall. Along with many others who have past on to that big Gig in the Sky! Thanks for sharing & joining us!

  4. I really had no allegiance to either team, but the game just didn’t seem interesting to me. But then, I’m no real football fan, so what do I know.

  5. Even though I did not watch the game, I feel the same as you for which team should have won, and did win! Had a wonderful time listening to all your song choices. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Ahh yes now! Stir it up!
    Ooh I love them all!
    Thanks for sharing with us today πŸ™‚

    I’m not allegianced to any team so I just root for the underdog and wait for the commercials πŸ™‚

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