Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Scatter-brained/Pregnancy Brain


Seriously Shawn

February: the shortest and most useless month. Let’s make the best of it.

  • I don’t consider myself prudish in any way but did anyone catch the highly inappropriate Go Daddy Superbowl ad in which some hot chick makes out with a nerd? I could have done without the closeups and sounds. Also, my five year old didn’t need to see that.
  • Aside from my recent avocado obsession, I have been wanting bacon, which – typically – I might eat three times a year. Now? It sounds AMAZING.
  • I’m pretty happy that Phil, the prognosticator of prognosticators, had predicted an early Spring. Though I could totally do without all this pollen (my allergies have been KILLER lately) I like Spring and those temperatures. I think Winter has been the reason behind my recent depression. Not serious sadness; just a sort of lack of hope. Like, I’m not really looking forward to anything. I just make sure everything gets done and plug away like there might be something soon that interesting. I really just don’t like being cold. I want sun and sand and ocean.
  • I have decided I need more cacti in my life.tumblr_mhbqc66BbJ1qg0w48o1_500
  • This morning’s sunset bloomed in the East in an array of coral and tangerine hues… though it was accompanied by a rainstorm, which seems to me, very rare.
  • Last week, I got kind of angry and decided I might want to live “off the grid”. This video talks about a small island where people sort of do this. I think it’s cool, though some of those folks have it pretty good, considering. Solar is apparently the way to go.
  • On Friday I put in for a quote on some fencing for our house but haven’t heard anything. Last night, I dreamed about it. And Cam from Bones was helping me measure how much I needed. Weird, right?
  • Did you know that this song existed? I certainly didn’t.
  • I have to teach soon so this post is done. Well, except for this:tumblr_mh1ahqsbjv1rojl5bo1_500


Make sure to come back tomorrow for the We Want to Know Wednesday Meme!

10 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Scatter-brained/Pregnancy Brain

  1. Mmmmm…bacon…

    We have found that the estimate for work usually comes if Larry calls. Me, not so much. If I do get a call back, the quote is outrageous.

  2. Ah man. Allergies. I’d forgotten about them.
    I’m still enjoying winter, but I know the desperation for spring & summer will hit any day now… I’ll just have to remind myself about the allergies. lol
    Cheer up! Better days are always ahead 🙂

  3. I want more snow, real snow, before we get spring. Remind me of this when it’s snowing here in May.
    I could use some time on a beach with him.

  4. My hubs is allergic to pollen too, he can’t even mow the lawn. I have fall allergies so I’m ready for spring, let’s how Phil is right. That GoDaddy commercial was GROSS. The Budweiser horse commercial made me cry though.

  5. I saw that commercial and then I heard that they had to do 46 takes. Can you imagine being HER and having to sloppy kiss HIM? Ewww. And it was quite nasty. But I guess it was just another JOB for her.

    Hope you’re feeling good!

  6. Seriously…the sound effects on that Go Daddy commercial will haunt me for life. ew. I followed a comment you made on an article I wrote about raising boys, and ended up here! Great website, and fun!

  7. That commercial made me gag a little and then a little sad for all of the negative press the “nerd” is getting. I know he knew what he was getting himself into when he signed the dotted line but I still feel for him. Poor kid.

    I could eat bacon every day. Actually, I could eat a pound of bacon all by myself every day. I mash up my avocado until it’s creamy and use it on bacon sandwiches in leu of mayo. So delish!

    Thanks for linking up with us as always!

  8. That GoDaddy commercial is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a while. I do NOT want to see that again, I think my brain is permanently scarred. You have got to go out and buy a bacon avocado. I swear that there is such a thing – we just got some in our organic produce delivery box. Delicious!!

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