Friday Confessional – Fired Up This Week

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I confess… I got really irritated about social constructs earlier this week. I went off about the stupidity of Valentine’s Day and how my kid shouldn’t HAVE to give everyone a valentine. But I let it go. Because you have to conform sometimes… and there’s time to teach them the real meaning of sharing your feelings with someone, not just one one day. But I still hate that holiday. There will be an more on-depth post as the day nears.

I confess… no matter what I eat or drink, it upsets my stomach. Stupid pregnancy issues.

I confess… this pregnancy is making it difficult to concentrate, and sometimes the late afternoons are so god-awful slow and irritating, I literally am clawing my eyes out.

I confess… I would leave work and head to the beach if I a.) didn’t have familial obligations and b.) it wasn’t only 31 degrees this morning!

I confess… when I was procrastinating real work this week, I attempted to pin more on my Pinterest account. Go me!

I confess.. blame it on pregnancy hormones but I really miss my family today. Not the kids and Ash, though sometimes I do that too. But my mom and dad and sister and even where they live, a little. The last time we went, I just had a great time. Ash even said it was one of our best visits. No one got angry or irritated, the weather was nice, and it was a lovely time.5850745197_9588fb5c34_zThat’s obviously not the last time (it was about two Junes ago) but there you go anyway; sister, her b/f, mom, and us.

I confess…I have let a lot of my anger from earlier this week go. I am focusing on being positive and less hateful. It’s going to be difficult!

3 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Fired Up This Week

  1. I have to be very careful about not opening my Pinterest once I get to work, or that will be the end of productivity for the day. I hope that you’re feeling better and can hold some food down really soon.

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend.

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