The drudgery of the early year

I woke up in a total fog, some of my stomach pain from the night before still residual. With Isaac, my stomach always hurt. Again, I have the same sorts of issues. My shower woke me slightly; I used this shower gel I swiped from my mother: Bath-Body-Works-Signature-Vanilla-Collection-Spring-2012

I don’t typically like sweet smelling bath stuff but this berry one is really good. Once done there, I ate a piece of wheat bread with butter to stave off any morning sickness. It worked for a little while but by the time I had dropped off the kids and was walking into work in this misty fog, I felt the nausea returning.

Fire up the computer and eat my turkey sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit (home made!) and check email. Open various windows but check twitter, tumblr, favorite sites. Can’t get started. Call it pregnancy distraction or fear of all the massive amounts of work or what have you, but I get like this and I hate it. I have so many intentions of working today, I do. And it will get done but this morning, all I want to do is sit. I walked across campus for a training session yesterday and walking back to my car, I realized how much my back hurts. I feel out of shape and flabby. I know it’s the pregnancy talking but still, I need to kick it back into gear.

I remembered this morning that we have a 3 day weekend coming up. I’m pretty excited about it because Ash isn’t running this week so we are already doing more family stuff as it is. Maybe we’ll walk in the woods or  clean up the yard or finally get our garage door fixed. I need to feel productive in those ways again. The holidays really put so much of that on hold.

I always feel this way in January; must break out of this. Waiting for this month to be over. I am ready to lay in the sun, enjoy spring temperatures, and be happy again.

ETA: I feel so justified now!

3 thoughts on “The drudgery of the early year

  1. January is only the start of our winter, which lasts until the end of May sometimes. I’m looking forward to getting out this summer–with any luck things won’t be on fire here.

  2. See, now, this is what happens when you take a big bloggy holiday break and only check blogs sporadically for a month… totally missed the news that you’re expecting! Congratulations!!! 🙂

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