Writer’s Workshop – Opposites


This week, I have chosen:

4.) Acceptance. (inspired by Headstrong Damsel) as my prompt.

The one word prompt is interesting to me and I think I can do a lot here. This is mainly because I think I have a problem with acceptance in that I accept too easily. I am quick to accept and say, “Well, this is the way things are; no changing it.” But I’d really like to say, “No, I think I can do better than that.”

For example, I am very quick to chalk up my kids not eating X food during the week to being busy, etc. No, this year I will implement more fresh foods, fruits, vegetables and new things. Maybe they won’t eat it but they’re going to try it. I won’t accept no here. I doubt this will scar them because I won’t push too hard.

I’m also refusing to accept my weight after this baby. No more distance running for me, only speed work. My brother-in-law read that for every second faster you run, another pound can be shed that much quicker (that’s vague but point being, speed = weight loss.)

I will not accept less from myself this year; will not slack off on work or at home. It’s so easy to do; just survive and as long as everyone’s fed and alive, you’re good. No, not anymore. We will thrive. I’ll do more to improve the home, to decorate and make it cozier. This I will not accept and it’s going to be a great year!

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