Random (Talk to us) Tuesday- So busy it makes me feel tired just thinking about it


Seriously Shawn

What day is it? I feel like I’ve fallen so far behind. Let’s see if my random can pull me from the depths.

  • The weekend went better than expected; I was nervous about all the driving to and from Disney for Ash’s marathon but it turned out ok.
  • I must tell you though: we woke up at 3 AM on Sunday morning because they stressed this year how mandatory it was for runners to be in their corrals by a certain time. I’m half asleep as I grab the keys and my phone and start driving. (It’s roughly 40 miles door to door.) As we get onto Disney property, I realize I only have about 60 or so miles of gas left. It’s bumper to bumper on some roads as other marathoners and their parties are attempting to get to EPCOT. I’m thinking, just let me get Ash dropped off then I can get gas. OH WAIT. I forgot my purse and therefore my money. OMG. The drop-off was fairly easy, actually, and they reroute you back out to their twisty roads and I’m basically the only car out on I-4, watching my mileage tick down. The plan was to wait until 5 miles left then call my parents to bail me out, which I REALLY didn’t want to do. Somehow, I made it back and pulled into the driveway with 7 miles left. I was seriously running on fumes.
  • I went back to sleep for roughly one hour fifteen minutes, then got up and got ready to go back to get him. Last year I timed it poorly and he and his brother crossed the finish line about seven minutes before I got up to the stands. This year, they changed the finish line stand to be all Cheer section – which is pre-paid special seating – so I was jammed into this little corner with a bunch of other folks. But I timed it right and got there with about 20 minutes to spare (thanks to runner tracking via text) and watched him finish. In fact, the people waiting were so nice that each time one of our family members crossed, we let that person go to the front. It was kind of nice!
  • Ash PR’d the race but didn’t meet his specific goal; he was just glad to be finished. The rest of the day was nice and relaxed; I made a turkey and mashed potatoes, corn, peas, brussel sprouts, and bread. All amazing. The only thing that was missing was a nice glass of wine but alas, I’m off that for quite a while.
  • All in all, a great weekend. I was happy to be back home though, that’s for sure. I have a million and one things to do for my various jobs and around the house. Today, I have school work, then teaching, then more job stuff, then four hours of (boring as hell) training in the afternoon. It runs until 5, then I have to walk back across campus go home, then go to the store, make dinner and finish laundry. I know this all sounds terribly “woe is me” but all I’d really like to do it start working on my tan. What? Is it too early to think about that? We’re having unseasonably warm weather (for the time being) and I thought it might be nice.
  • Looking ahead, we’re going to be back to low 30s/high 50s this coming week. Blah. I’m sick of cold.
  • You get food porn today because all I want is this:15323126-prosciutto-burger--prosciutto-beef-burger-ham-mozzarella-cheese-red-onion-and-tomatoes-with-friesMoo Burgers BnWChubbys-Gourmet-Grill

Give me all the burgers! Om nom nom. I’m out, folks. Happy Tuesday!

5 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday- So busy it makes me feel tired just thinking about it

  1. Okay, how sad is it that I just spent about 10X more time staring at the food porn than I look at the man porn! And I’m fine with the egg burger. Good for hubby for his run!

  2. mmmmmmm…burgers…

    Why is it that we get to spend all freakin’ day working, then we have to work some more at home, too? That part of being married they don’t talk about, do they?

    That is cool that you got to see your husband cross the finish line!

  3. I have pushed the envelope more times than I care to admit on the gas thing. I’ve been lucky, only ran out twice in my driving career.

    My hubby loves a rise and shine burger, I personally think eggs should be eaten with toast and bacon only but to each their own.

    Thanks for linking up with us.

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