Writer’s workshop – Faves



This week I am choosing the prompt: 1.) The ladies at MomSmack listed their top 10 faves of 2012 here. Use their list as a template and fill in your own answers! (inspired by MomSmack)

This one actually made me think!


  1. Favorite 2012 Movie: The Hobbit.
    We saw a lot of movies in the year but I have to say this one was the most awesome. It was way better than I excepted and Richard Armitage!
  2. Favorite Album: I don’t really buy albums but if I had to choose one, I’d say Luke Bryan – Tailgates and Tan lines
  3. Favorite Song: Hmm, again, hard to say. I liked A LOT of songs. I’ll say “Drunk On You” by Luke Bryan is what I played probably the most times.
  4. Favorite Tweeter: I am always amused by Wil Wheaton @wilw
  5. Favorite Blog: Mine! No, just kidding. I’m going to say Second and Edgemont; it’s inspiring.
  6. Favorite TV Show: Storage Wars!
  7. Favorite Instagramer: Monlightice in Tokyo
  8. Favorite Moment: Aside from July 1st, all of Summer. We took a couple awesome trips and played in the water so much. Plus, I really miss warm weather.
  9. Favorite Conference: yeah, I never go to those
  10. Favorite Viral Video: The Siri Spoof video; I think it’s a stupid idea and this video justifies me. 🙂 Also, nsfw; language.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s workshop – Faves

  1. We need to see The Hobbit. But I don’t think it’s going to happen at the theater–unless we manage to catch the cheap seats.

  2. Another great list of things I must try. I really need to get out more. I have committed to reading The Hobbit before seeing it and I’m halfway through Bilbo’s adventure. Everyone else in the family saw it and loved it.

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