Full moon and road rage

According to the lunar calendar, today is a full moon. I fully believe that the crazies come out on this day. I also believe weird and mysterious things occur. For starters, I ordered a grande latte this morning and they made me a venti; sweet! On the other hand, I had a run-in with another driver and now I am a little worried.

I was turning from one road to another and the car in front of me had a green arrow. I waited, not in a hurry. But the car was not moving. So, I gave a little horn tap; a “hey, you could go now; the light’s been green for a full five seconds.” The (obviously) girl driver rolled her window down, gave me the finger, then slowed down and tapped her brakes a few times. Not wanting to put my kids in danger, I went around her but she sped up to stop me, which is ridiculous. At the next light, she honked at me the second it turned. Sigh.

I was not mad but scared. What if that girl is a nut job? I mean, she had a Florida Gators license plate frame (mistake #1!) and a “hollatachagirl” sticker, which implies to me she might be between the ages of 19 and 24. I know I should probably just let it go but our town only has 200,000 people. There’s an OK odds at her being behind me at some point and recognizing my car. Though, I am sure most people will go about their day simply pissed off about the traffic altercation and be done with it. The rest of my drive was peppered with people making illegal turns and not going when they needed to and a general unease about the road. I was thankful to make it to my office.

I have witnessed the affects of the full moon before. When I worked at CompUSA, the weirdos came out in droves on that day. One particular full moon, an older gentleman walked up to the return counter with a keyboard at least ten years old. He said he wanted us to give him a replacement and of course, I explained that it’s not an item that comes with a replacement plan and furthermore, it was simply old, not new and defective. When my answer didn’t appease him, he walked into the general manager’s office and proceeded to bash the keyboard on the corner of my boss’s big mahogany desk. Pieces of plastic and springs flew everywhere and my manager ended up grabbing the guy by his shirt and tossing him out.

I don’t know what it is and I haven’t done that much reading about the moon and tides and all that hippie stuff but man, I believe it makes people just a leeetle off their rockers that day.

Have you ever found this to be true?

4 thoughts on “Full moon and road rage

  1. I hate when weird things like that happen on the road – always kind of freaks me out! One time when I was in college, my friends and I had gone to the movies, and on our way home, my friend that was driving passed a car on the highway, just like anyone would – no big deal. The guy sped up and rode our ass for miles, honking his horn and flashing his lights. Scariest ride ever!!!

    My mom often blames crazy happenings on the moon – and quite often, I think she’s right!! lol

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