Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Really?? edition


Seriously Shawn

Man, I’m having a rough go of it this week!

  • SO, Elliot is sick. Has been on and off for two weeks with this nasty cough. Yesterday, the clinic at school called me to pick him up around 1:30 and I ended up going to the doctor because OMG, enough of this. We had to wait nearly two hours to be seen and then were in there about 35-40 mins dealing with the doc. He has bronchitis and this morning, is getting chest x-ray for possible pneumonia. Great!
  • As an aside, I had pneumonia three times before I was 18 months old. Elliot has had it only once, when he was eight months old.
  • I was almost asleep last night and, as is the case with any night I go to bed right around 12, the garbage truck empties a dumpster at 12:30. AM! I have complained to the city to no avail. You see, there is, at the end of McCauley street, a sort of home for special needs kids.
  • It doesn’t seem all that far away but I am the third lot on the road backing right up to it. And though we have an eight foot fence, it doesn’t do much against the power of a clanging Dumpster in the quiet morning hours. See it? Basically five feet beyond those trees is our house!
  • I think it should be illegal to take out trash at that hour. My neighbour used to go to bed early – like 8 PM early – but has been up later and later since she got her iPad (LOL) so now she also hears the truck and so we’re both mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.
  • I was so burned out last week from all the extracurricular work that I honestly didn’t turn on my laptop or check email all of Sunday. It felt really good to simply unplug.
  • I keep falling asleep during the last 15 minutes of Bones. It’s getting annoying! but it also makes me wonder if I am just THAT exhausted. I mean, my day was nuts but is EVERY Monday? Not really…
  • Have I mentioned that I hate Tuesdays? I just thought you’d like to now and maybe commiserate. Tuesday effing sucks.
  • With that, I am off to buy something… or something. Whatever makes me feel better, right? No, that’s wrong. ANYway ::clap clap:: let’s just ogle some man meat and move on with our day, shall we?

I sort of fee like draping my self – exasperated – across a sofa. Except, I’d never look that good doing it.

6 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Really?? edition

  1. The exasperation part I get. I feel that way every stinking time Bruiser tells me his butt is dirty. I’m really over it.
    Hope Elliot feels better soon.

  2. My oldest has bronchitis AGAIN! She has horrible asthmas and usually gets bronchitis about every 3-6 months even on a daily preventative inhaler! I hope your little man feels better soon and that it’s not pneumonia!

    That would piss me off too. There should be a city ordnance against that!

    As always I love your choice of eye-candy!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. Hope Elliot is feeling better soon! Fingers crossed that it’s not pneumonia…
    I keep falling asleep with 15 minutes left in Grey’s… EVERY week. I just don’t get it. It’s one of my favourite shows, but I can’t keep my eyes open.
    And thank you, as always, for the man candy. YUM.

  4. It’s irritating as all get out to get woke up by a trash truck. Hope Elliott gets to feeling better soon. Where can I get a man like that draped across any piece of my furniture?!!

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