MMMM + Recovering

SO, as previously mentioned (on Friday) I was having some weird internal issues but I think I’ve evened out now. And gotten used to the insane antibiotics they put me on. Friday afternoon Ash and I saw Skyfall, even though I was in a funk. It was good… I mean, REALLY good.  Daniel Craig is unbelievably sexy (as I’m sure you know) and he does an excellent job in this role. Also, the movie was really pretty to look at, color-wise, and had some nice plot twists. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do much else Friday night; these meds make me feel weird.

Saturday morning I cleaned some and ran and we did shopping but for the most part, I laid around. I felt kind of guilty about it but for realz, I made all three meals (they were involved, y’all) and I did get some cleaning done. So I really wasn’t THAT lazy. On Sunday I did more: shopped for the majority of Thanksgiving meal prep stuff, cleaned, made a lasagna, and well, watched Football after that. All in all, not a bad weekend but I am ready to feel normal again.

My parents come into town tomorrow night so things will still be wonky.



It’s a freebie week but I am at a loss. Maybe I will just pick something utterly random; like, off the top of my head or our of my itunes list.

A video from the original animated Transformers movie. Such a good song!

And another. Good songs, really cheesy videos. But the 80s were SO good, guys.

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Recovering

  1. This last weekend was weird for me too. It must be something in the air. I also think Thanksgiving has really snuck up on me far to quickly. It was just Halloween, how did it get to be almost Thanksgiving?

  2. I want to see Skyfall, too – Daniel Craig is drool-worthy. 😉 Glad you’re feeling a little better – you are, right?? Thanksgiving is early this year, but it also means an extra week until Christmas, which I appreciate. 🙂

    Love your randomly chosen song choices!! 🙂 Good luck with the ‘rents this week – have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

    the Tornado in Mama’s Broken Heart – which is an American Heart – shows that Six Degrees of Separation is Too Close

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