The other night, I was waiting for my Robitussin to kick in but couldn’t find sleep. I was trying not to think about all the weird noises in the house that only make me paranoid at 12:17 AM. As my mind started to drift, I concocted this idea of the Perfect Day and what it would be like. Really, it began with a random flash of the ye olde Borders, which I whole-heartedly miss going to. So I fantasized about my perfect day, with Borders being a part of it.

For starters, I’d wake up feeling more refreshed than I can ever remember. I don’t creak and pop with each movement up from the mattress. Next, I would take a fabulous shower; steamy and soothing,maybe with one of those Sudacare tablets that opens your airways (that I can’t seem to find in stores anymore.) Then, feeling clean and fit (I’d feel super thin on my perfect day) I’d go into the kitchen and make the perfect cup of coffee and have a bowl of grits with a pat of butter then topped with a runny fried egg, because that is my all-time favorite breakfast. My day would be leisurely. I have not figured out where my children are at this point but my guess is that Ash has taken them to school and gone to work. In my dreams, anything is possible.

I remember being in and out of sleep at this point and trying to imagine what the rest of this day would be like. vague visions came to mind: the best lunch EVER (possibly a big cheeseburger) and shopping with no money limit or guilt and maybe a pedicure that lasted for hours Then I felt guilty for not wanting to share my perfect day with the boys. So somewhere in there I took them to a park and they were exceedingly well-behaved.

My day was capped off by a trip to Borders at dusk, wherein I browsed the shelves, bought five or six romance novels that I am dying to read, getting a latte in the cafe, and buying little novelty toys before checking out.

I’d go home to a warm house and cuddly children, a loving husband who prepares my nightly tea and covers me with soft blankets on the couch. We’d watch TV together, put the kids to bed, then drift off to sleep. Actually, if we’re really talking PERFECT, it would be Christmastime so my living room with glow with the lights of the tree.

SO, what would your perfect day be like? Feel free to share with me.

4 thoughts on “Flawless

  1. Ahh, what a sense of warm reflections to come with the Christmas decor and then the toasty sense by an open fire – just love it! Thanks for visiting me today, my friend! =D

  2. Your technique for going to sleep is one I use all the time. Find a scenario and then think about all the details needed to make it happen. I usually fall asleep about half way into it.
    My perfect day? Wake up when I wanted too. No one to coerce into getting up. Breakfast of Biscuits and gravy. Then a whole day to read with plenty of munchy snack–cause they would not add pounds to my hips on my perfect day.

  3. I heard them discussing on the radio one morning a study that was done to describe what women consider the perfect day – they had it broken down into minutes, like, “37 minutes of work, 45 minutes at the gym, 75 minutes of shopping, 60 minutes of computer time, 80 minutes of romance, 25 minutes of eating” blah blah – I totally disagreed with the breakdown!! haha!

    My perfect day has me waking feeling rested and refreshed (and not to an alarm), lounging in my jammies watching tv and drinking coffee until I feel the need to shower and dress (and of course, I’m skinny this day too!) – then I’d eat lunch at one of my favourite fast-food places, like McD’s, and then spend a few hours of stress-free shopping, including buying books and music, and clothes that magically fit. All for me. Then maybe dinner out (probably at Montana’s), followed by a movie at the theatre, popcorn, and followed by a few drinks with friends. If this is the perfect day, perhaps I find myself a husband, too. 😉 I’ll end up all curled up in my cozy bed, reading a few chapters of a great book, and falling into a deep, deep, filled-with-good-dreams sleep!

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