Friday Confessional – Summer, swimmers, Sadness


I confess… I tried to get a Thursday post out but it just never happened. I had chosen the Writer’s Workshop prompt about 5 scenes that defined summer. I only liked one:

Summer days of my youth were filled with activities but nothing so pressing that it felt like school or work. My mother was always home with me while my father worked and my sister wasn’t born until I was five and a half. One particular summer day, my mother allowed us to picnic in the backyard, like we so often did. Upon a super cheesy 70s design blanket of oranges, greens, and bright yellows, she placed little bologna and cheese sandwiches and chips and we drank lemonade. As we ate, I noticed a few dragonflies gathering in the yard. By the end of the meal, the entire yard was filled with swooping dragonflies, going back and forth across the yard, zipping along in that erratic way of theirs, wings fluttering at amazing speeds. I got up and ran towards the fence, dodging the bugs and reveling in the silliness of breaking their paths of flight. I have never seen so many magnificent bugs in one place, zigzagging to and fro, their iridescent wings catching the sprightly bright sun of mid-day.

I confess… after reading an article about just how much sex all the Olympians are having, I kind of feel differently about the whole thing. OF COURSE they are… I mean, does it not make total sense? But I guess I just never thought about it. Kind of amusing.

I confess… my favorite of our swim team is Nathan Adrian. Why? Because hes 6’6” and 220, bigger than Phelps! See also: adorable.

I confess… I don’t really like August. It is always too busy, too full of change – from summer to fall semester – kid stuff, lack of money too, and it never passes *quite* quickly enough.

I confess… on the day I went home early, I got a big ol’ container of frozen yogurt from Nuberri (taro flavor with strawberries on top) and ate it all before taking along nap. I’d kind of like to do that again today. Le sigh. I have work to do (on a Friday!) and a six miler at the end of it all.

I confess… I must also go to a friend’s going away thingie tonight at a local bar. I should, because she’s been a good friend in the short time she resided here. And how sad is it that I just don’t know who tired I’m gonna be at 10 PM?


Ok, that’s what I’ve got. Go forth and do some confessing of your own.


One thought on “Friday Confessional – Summer, swimmers, Sadness

  1. August is the end of summer–busy yet slow. In our house it is the month of our anniversary, my birthday, getting ready for back to school, generally busy. Oh, and this year our vacation too!

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