Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Parties, Photos, Pants (or lack thereof)


Seriously Shawn

Ahh, Tuesday. If I didn’t love blogging on you so much, I would hate you.

  • So we’re planning Ell’s 5th birthday now. Biggest obstacle is that although we were the first to have a bouncy/water slide for a party (his 4th) everyone’s done it now and it’s old hat. So we’re trying to think of something fun but along the same lines. I hate feeling like I am one-upping the others but I kind of am! Argh; very annoying indeed.
  • The birthday planning is one of about a gazillion things on my plate and I fear I’m starting to lose my mind. On Saturday, I accidentally left one of my dogs outside while we went to that party. My dogs are not outside dogs! Luckily, my neighbour saw him and when I didn’t answer my phone, gave him water and then also, let him inside her house to cool down. Left him… outside… heat of the day in Florida. Awful!!
  • So I have found some new blogs I want to share with you, because they make me want to move to a farm and raise animals and let my kids run rampant. You should check them out: Second and Edgemont, Longest Acres, and Ben Hewitt.
  • I take photos all the time but I am never doing anything so beautifully idyllic and… healthy? There are always pics of some summer salad full of bulbous tomatoes and fresh greens right out of their gardens. It makes me feel like I need to get on that train; just give up this – all of this – and move to the middle of nowhere and start gardening and running a pretty picture blog.
  • That said, my neighbour gifted me with a small basil plant of my own and now I have to get a clay pot and hope to not kill it; I am notorious for not being able to keep plants alive.
  • Luckily, my bad luck with both plants and fish doesn’t carry over to dogs or kids… because THAT would be bad, eh?
  • On a completely different note… I know it’s bad to root for another team and all but have you seen the Australian mens’ swim team?? My my…

So to end… here’s a photo of said swim team:

3 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Parties, Photos, Pants (or lack thereof)

  1. Well built men in speedos–the only kind that should be allowed to wear them.

    I always said that if the baby was alive at the end of the day it was a win in my book 😉 Plants can be more temperamental and I have been known to cause a few plant deaths.

  2. The hunky Australian men’s swimming team totally distracted me from whatever comment I was going to leave. 😉

    Thanks for reminding me that I need to start planning for Little Dude’s 5th and Princess Nagger’s 10th birthdays coming up…ACK! I’ll be curious to see what you decide to do for Ell. 🙂

    Thank goodness your neighbor noticed your dog outside – I always worry that I’ll do that one day and I don’t have nice neighbors.

    Suspended Animation, BlogHer12 Teaser, Fun Friends – RTT Rebel

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