Random Tuesday – Written on a Monday; sue me!


Without internet AGAIN on a Tuesday morning. FSU, what are you doing to me?!

  • That’s right; I’m writing these on Monday because – Lordy – it IS slow here today. I think it’s because we have reached mid-semester so students are feeling the pressure and TAs are dug in and wading through and I am putting off inevitable little tasks that sit atop my desk.
  • Five days until my half-marathon. I’ll be talking about this in my Talk To Us Tuesday post. Look for it!
  • I got some spicy wings from the store Friday night (not the deep fried kind or the sopping wet kind) and man, ever since then, I cannot stop thinking about spicy stuff. I want wings!!
  • I was also craving an Italian sub Saturday night around midnight. I am eating one for lunch today; it is orgasmic!
  • I went through a phase for about 2 weeks where I really didn’t want any coffee. Now? I am craving massive amounts of it. And not because I am tired. I just want the flavor and the heat, now that it’s starting to get cool.
  • What’s the deal with so many people protesting lately?  I know it makes me sound like a bad person but I don’t actually see the point. You just end up pissing off the people you’re protesting against.
  • One of my female students came up to me at the beginning of class Friday – as she tends to do with dumb questions – and said she didn’t actually have a question, just wanted to give me a hug. I straight up told her that made me uncomfortable and I’d rather not. I sort of brushed it off after that but the longer I thought about it, the more it irked me. And I have a conference with her in ten minutes!
  • I’m weirded out when I find out that my friends – people I know fairly well – don’t know about X. In the case of today, how do you not know who Captain America is?
  • Ok here’s a Tuesday one. I had a wee bit of bad news last night that isn’t really bad bad news but it reminded me that nothing is certain and always be moving. I know that’s super vague but it is what it is.

Without further ado, I present Kody Courdan.  I know nothing about him except that he models underwear. Who knows if he’s actually into rock climbing but it’s a nice touch.

Happy Tuesday!

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