Low key weekend + MMMM

I have to say, after last weekend being very full, we decided not to have any plans this weekend. Ash and I both ran on Saturday and we ate pizza and napped – oh did we ever nap. The boys went down by 12:30 and Ash and I went to the couch to watch football. Next thing I knew, it was 3 o’clock. We hit up Publix for the second time in two days and the evening was spent watching more college football and baking pumpkin apple muffins and just hanging out.

Ash had to run 13 miles on Sunday so he drove out to the St. Marks trail and the kids and I went to Target and I proceeded to make chocolate chip cookies at Ash’s request. And pretty much right when those were done, I had to start on lunch. In fact, I cooked and baked a lot this weekend. But I like running the oven on cold days to warm up the house. I don’t turn the heat on until the last possible moment so, you know…

I was laying on the couch after having woken from my normal 2nd quarter nap on Sunday and for one brief moment, I was unfettered by worry. I wasn’t thinking about money or anything I had to do and I was really and truly happy. It was a wonderful feeling. I carried it with me for the rest of the day and got laundry done and didn’t get annoyed by the kids or anything. And today, I feel so much lighter. So much more rested. It’s nice. Really nice.




Freebie week for this meme so here are a couple videos from the 80s – Cinderella and Dokken. I listen to this while I run. I was going to post some Rammstein videos but I didn’t want toΒ  mess with the Parental Advisories. Tee hee. These are far more tame. Just lots of hair and makeup. On men. πŸ˜‰



Happy Monday! (How was your weekend?)

4 thoughts on “Low key weekend + MMMM

  1. I’ve never heard these songs before, but they are too cool! Those what did you call them “Cinderella”, they sure are pretty! If it wasn’t for the low voices… ~snicker~ Thanks for playing along with us . You so rock!

  2. Your tunes had me rocking! It seems like I’ve heard these before, but it’s been a long time ago. Thanks for sharing them with me and thanks for dancing over to my blog yesterday. I would’ve come by sooner, but DH took Monday off to just spend with little ole me, so I was in the spotlight twice! =D

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