Talk to us Tuesday – Running vs. Babies: fight!

Running is a lot like child-birth. And I know what you’re saying… “I pushed out a kid but I can’t run.” Actually, running is a lot like being pregnant. Mostly because both of them afford you the opportunity to become very well-attuned to your body. Before being pregnant, if I had a pain somewhere inside – say, indigestion or gas pains – it was just a sort of internal annoyance and half the time I couldn’t really pinpoint what it was. After being pregnant where I analyzed every single tiny movement on the inside, I can now tell what all ails me. I can better feel what my body is trying to tell me.

Similarly, running makes you assess your aches. You get to know tiny places on your body you may have previously neglected. I never really cared much about the backside of my knee or the underside of my ribcage or my left hip. But depending on the grade of hill or the pavement or the temperature, each part in pain presents itself in different ways and you have to pay attention to them. I like this part about running. It makes me mentally aware of myself, probably more than I want to be. But it is almost exactly the same awareness as having a small person inside me. I don’t think you can ever explain to someone who has never carried a child the pain that reverberates throughout your core when you’re in labor. It is so body-deep and unlike anything I have ever experienced before… except the way I felt after my first long race. Not the same, but similar. It is a pain like no other.

I am happy that I have undertaken both child-bearing and long distance running. If nothing else, they have been battles of will; mental challenges, despite the physical aspects. In pregnancy, you want it to end for god’s sakes and some days, you’d be willing to have that child forcibly removed so you wouldn’t have to be pregnant one more effing day. In running, though your legs keep moving, you just want to stop sometimes, lay down and just be still because it’s so. long. OMG. But with both, you push on through because you know it doesn’t last forever and the end result is so worth it.

With Saturday being race day, I keep reminding myself that, physically, I can do it. I’m not worried about that part. The last go-round of training – my first time – was hard. Every long run (every run after, say, 8 miles) was awful. I was sore for days after. This time I experienced none of that. It was all mental. My legs and my lungs held up just fine. I easily discourage myself so it will only be a matter of convincing my brain to shut the hell up and let me find my zone, that comfortable spot where I’m on auto-pilot and miles pass before I know it and there’s the finish line, edging closer. And if that goes well, I’m going to run another one. And if it makes sense… I may even have another kid. Who knows?

11 thoughts on “Talk to us Tuesday – Running vs. Babies: fight!

  1. I would have never thought about running like that, great post! I really want to start running but need to get off some weight first, I don’t think I could do it now. I used to run all the time when I was younger, I enjoyed racing. We would have these summer olympics and I would always run.

  2. I really really want to be a runner. But I’m doing good to run 2 miles….let alone 26 or even 13. I MAY run a 10K one day but I first need to do a 5K (which I know I could do but I’ve just never done one). That’s a great analogy about the two. Running and childbirth. I did childbirth with no meds so I need to suck it up and RUN!

    Thanks for linking up girlie! We appreciate you!

  3. I’ve never been a runner, and I’ve never had a baby, but I think I know what you mean…I’ve asked my sister before what it feels like to be pregnant. She always tells me she can’t explain it. I’ve asked if it’s like eating a big meal and feeling full, and she laughed and said no. But since I started eating healthier and exercising more, I think I’m starting to understand my body better too. I feel more in tune with it. Very cool post!

  4. Wow….I really hate running. I’ve gone back and forth about if I want a kid or not. If it and running are similar, I think I’ll just remove my ovaries now lol

  5. And Thank God They made Aleve!!! I can’t run becuz of my big boobs. It’s just too painful and I have a bad ankle… It turns very easy.

  6. I could never be a runner. The lung pain is just something I can’t do, but I do know about childbirth. I did find a zone with both boys and was just really into my body and what it was saying. It’s an awesome thing.
    Good luck and I hope you find your zone.

  7. I really need to get back into running. I go through spurts with it. Right now I jog about once a week, but I definitely need to up it. I’ve survived long distance running, so maybe I can survive pregnancy someday. 😉

  8. I so wish I could run. I enjoy it while I’m out there but the aftermath on my knees is just too much. Sadly, I do nothing now, and it’s beginning to show more and more with each passing year. Getting old sucks!

    Thanks for linking up, we love you long time!

  9. I never thought of it like that – I have been running for almost 2 years now and I have felt pain in places I never had before.

    For me, running is a love/hate thing – I love the way it makes me feel but I hate it when I am doing it. I lvoe the discipline that it takes to train for a race but I hate doing it…..

    Does that make sense?

    Good luck on your race this weekend!


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