Thursday 13 – Dose of Random

I figured I hadn’t done this meme in a while so here’s some thoughts that have been banging around my head.

  1. Sights that denote Summer: a kid’s sprinkler in the front yard, a bathing suit hanging on a nail out on the deck, rain hitting a hot sidewalk, cold drinks in crushed ice, Popsicles. (photo credit)
  2. Crystal Light – energy wild strawberry flavor is some good stuff! It’s like you’re drinking water with a hint of fruit AND caffeine.
  3. Swanky hotel bathrooms. For some reason, I find myself looking at pictures of them.
  4. Halloween. I keep thinking about pictures at the pumpkin patch this year. Isaac will be walking and Elliot will be over 4 (OMG) and oh, how fun it will be!
  5. The Bones finale. It’s sad that this season is about to end!
  6. Austin, Texas. The prospect of moving actually makes me excited. What’s it like out in Texas? Will I see a lot of guys in cowboy hats? (I do hope so. πŸ˜‰ )
  7. My Little Pony. We have a birthday party for my friend’s son and daughter (a month apart but she’s combining the party) and they apparently make these tiny little plastic ponies and I think I’m going to have to brave The Pink Aisle at Toys R Us. Blargh.
  8. Vacation. As in, I seriously need one.
  9. Poutine. I want some. I want it to be authentic. A vegetarian place in town makes it but the gravy is obvs vegetarian. Then I found out they don’t even use real cheese curd. FAIL.
  10. Grits. Haven’t had a big bowl of grits smothered in butter in a while. I am jonesin’ for them.
  11. Josh Turner. I want to kidnap him and make him sing to me in that deep voice forever and ever. I don’t suppose my husband would mind…
  12. Swim lessons. Elliot is going to take them at the Y at the beginning of June. I really hope he doesn’t freak out, as he is prone to doing.
  13. Jobs. As always, I am applying to online teaching positions. Or anything else that can be done remotely. Know any? Feel free to share!

Thursday 13

6 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Dose of Random

  1. I kind of enjoy shopping for little girls that we know. It so different than shopping for boys, but it can be strange.
    Love Josh Turner’s voice! Makes me all squirmy inside.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation on the energy Crystal Light. I haven’t tried that yet, but now I plan to.

    Halloween is my fave holiday!

    I have a cousin who lives in Austin. She loves it there.

    When I was younger I collected my Little Pony. They put so much make up on them they should call them My Little Hooker Pony. πŸ˜‰

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