Friday Confessional – Whilst I eat a donut…

PhotobucketOh, it’s that time again to let it all go, let a random (semi) anonymous audience know your deepest darkest weekly transgressions. That’s what the internet is for, right??

I confess… I really failed to censor myself this week a couple times, saying things that may have hurt other peoples’ feelings.

I confess… All week I wanted to shop. I planned all this stuff out for the money I’d get in today’s paycheck and now, admittedly, I kind of don’t feel like it. Sigh. It’s only really good when you’re compelled to go AND have the money.

I confess…We’re totally seeing Bridesmaids  today, even though I swore I wouldn’t. But peer pressure got the best of me.

I confess… Our building has little gnats all over and I feel like I am losing my mind every time one flies near me. DIE!

I confess… I actually didn’t foresee the crazy thing that happened in the Bones season finale. I guess I didn’t think the writers had it in them to do *that*. Big shocker for ol’ oblivious me over here.

I confess… I am about to go read all y’alls’ confessions and procrastinate until 11:30 when I head out. Have a good weekend!

8 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Whilst I eat a donut…

  1. I can relate to almost everything in your confessions today! 🙂
    I too only enjoy spending money when I HAVE the money to spend, or at least when I worked, I could justify it because I had a monthly income….now that I stay home, there is no justification and it sucks!
    I always put my foot in my mouth, but don’t mean to! I think my friends know this about me and over the years have come to accept this.
    I hope you tell us about Bridesmaids! It looks good.
    Ew and I hate gnats! With a passion!
    Oh but I’ve never seen bones!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I always fail to censor myself…I have verbal diarrhea.

    There’s nothing worse than shopping when you don’t want to IMO. I don’t get the itch to go clothes shopping very often because I find it really frustrating so if I do get it, I have to go go…

    Gnats piss me off! I’m always paranoid that they’ll take over my apartment in the summer time, but I’ve had good luck avoiding them *knock on wood*

    Enjoy the movie!

  3. Gnats are horrible–you see them, but have an awful time smacking ’em dead.
    Oh we were shocked by the end of Bones too. Nick is sure this is the beginning of the end. I’m curious to see what they do with it. Of course we haven’t seen the episodes leading up to this one yet.

  4. Let us know how Bridesmaids is! I’ve been wanting to know if it’s worth the money or if I should wait for it to get to Netflix 🙂

    1. I have no idea! I think it has something to do with wordpress? I don’t subscribe to anything via RSS; I’m old-fashioned and go to sites.

  5. I love spending money when I have it. I just so rarely have it.

    I hate gnats. Mosquitoes are just as bad. Yuck.

    One of these days I have to catch up on Bones.

  6. Oooh, so glad you didn’t spoil the Bones season finale -we’ll be watching it on Hulu tomorrow :). And why is it that shopping is the most fun when there’s no money?!

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