Random Tuesday – What’s Wrong with the World edition


Last week’s Random Tuesday didn’t yield as many comments as normal. Not that I do this for comments; I do it because I love being random! But who doesn’t love comments?? Head over to Stacy’s site and get it on.

  • I got my teaching evaluations back from last semester and was appalled at what two of my student wrote. One said I was an unfair grader. I recognize his writing and know he got a B+. The other kid said I was demeaning towards their generation, which I find highly amusing. Also, that kid got an incomplete in the class so I kind of feel like his opinion matters slightly less. Oh well!
  • I was SO good today, food-wise. I had yogurt and a boiled egg for breakfast, a granola bar, and a ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread. And now I want some damn fried chicken. Dammit. But that’s not what’s for dinner.
  • Everyone I know saw Bridesmaids  this weekend. I wasn’t really that interested in it. The only female-centric movie I like (and this probably belongs on Friday Confessional) is Coyote Ugly and I kind of think that movie could be misconstrued as misogynistic in some ways. Either way, I might see it if it’s on TV one day. I’m not going out of my way or anything.
  • Those Bush’s Grillin’ Beans are good, btw. Get ’em for your summer picnics.
  • I thought we were going to Wet ‘N’ Wild in June but it turns out the people organizing it are going to Blizzard Beach. Kind of cool; I have never been there.
  • It would appear that Isaac may be lactose intolerant. So I got some of that lactose free milk. And then he spit that up.  I don’t know if it’s just a phase or his belly is going through something or if he’s just never gonna be able to drink milk. That idea makes me sad, for some reason.
  • A woman at the grocery store asked if Elliot and Isaac were twins. And I scratched my head and said, “Really?”
  • Elliot kept asking for the “gray rabbit” show the other day and it took me about 24 hours until I realized he meant Bugs Bunny. WOW!
  • Cans of mixed nuts could cut out those weird giant Brazil nuts and no one would argue. I guarantee it.
  • I’ve been thinking about Popsicles lately. What’s your favorite summer treat?

Whew. And I’m done. Man Candy this week is Travis Hanson. I couldn’t find how old he is but I really don’t care. He has that look about him that says he could be sweet. But he could also divest you of your clothes in about three seconds flat. Happy Tuesday indeed.

14 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – What’s Wrong with the World edition

  1. I`m not interested in seeing Bridesmaids either. I would much rather watch Thor or have my clothes torn off by your Man candy there. The thought of that put me in my happy place today. 😉

  2. Can’t complete the course, no opinion need be shared! I took two incompletes in college and didn’t get to critique the instructor!

    Twins? giggle

  3. Mmmm fried chicken.

    I’m not into chick flicks either.

    Grillin’ Beans are totally THE BOMB!!!

    Isaac and Elliot do not look like twins. I echo your ‘Really?’

    Yeah, really wouldn’t miss the Brazil nuts.

    Ice cream sandwiches all the way!! Or Snicker’s cones. Those are delicious too.

  4. The Man candy part just freaks me out. They never have enough clothes on. There is such a thing as a good looking man that’s fully clothed.

    We can’t get Bushes Beans up here. I miss them from my NH days.
    MMMMMMM Fried Chicken.. and scary thought they sell it at a Gas station restaurant at the end of my street.

  5. I guess brothers for your boys, but not twins.
    Bush’s beans in any form are fabulous.
    I hear you on deciphering the show by what your kids call them. T-train, t-train becomes Thomas the train. Bruiser also calls for Cooby-Doo but actually wants specific one. Always fun to determine which one he wants.
    Bruiser still only drinks milk sparingly–the kid just hates cow milk. We do juice and a calcium supplement.

  6. Twins??? Wow! Haha.
    I’ve heard TONS of good things about Bridesmaids. Tons. Am I going to watch it? I will probably never see that movie in my life. Not that I have anything against it, it just doesn’t look that interesting to me.
    Me likey the man candy.
    Happy Tuesday!

  7. Not sure I dig his tummy. So now instead of being all like “YAY! A hard boiled egg! Healthy!” I’m like “I want someone to bring me a tray of deviled eggs”. I wish the sun would come back out. I’m healthy when it’s warm.

  8. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about Bridesmaids. I have absolutely no interest in seeing it (even though I find Kristen Wiig hilarious).

    A lot of strangers seem to automatically assume that siblings are twins, and I just don’t understand how or why they come to that conclusion. Especially when the age difference is extremely apparent.

    Happy Tuesday~ 🙂

  9. Yeah, I don’t like the pics of guys hinting at their nether regions. It’s not sexy. He doesn’t have to be fully clothed, but I don’t want to see a plentiful happy trail. Ick.

  10. Doesn’t sound like those students should have been allowed to do a teacher evaluation – or at least that incomplete one. When hubby’s teaching he hates those teacher evaluations, because the ‘bad’ evaluations usually come from students that have been acting up or not doing the required work.

    I’m with you – I’m not jonesin’ to see Bridesmaids…maybe I’ll catch it on Netflix in the future…maybe. 🙂

    Twins? Not even! Brothers, yes – twins, no.

    I’m giggling over risingflames comment about the man candy – I have to side with their assessment of the ‘plentiful happy trial’. 😉

    Thanks for rockin’ the random rebellion with me again this week! You ROCK!! 🙂

    Fun, Rain, DaGeDar and Legendary People – RTT Rebel

  11. Oooo, ok, he’s pretty. I stopped looking at the waist, then read the comments and then went back and looked at the rest, eh, well, some like it, I could do without, personal preference. That’s why my eyes didn’t even make it that far.

    I have to admit to liking Brazil nuts. I don’t go out of my way to buy them separately, but I do pick them out of the mix after I pick out the pecans.

    Happy RTT!

  12. I spent a day at Blizzard Beach around 1997 and had a fun time. No doubt things have changed since then, but I recall it being much like Wet ‘N Wild but with a winter theme and that Disney touch. Hopefully there will not be any nearby thunderstorms; if lightning sets off the detectors, the rides will be closed until it passes.

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