That’s Elliot at about 13 months old. I hate the way the flash looks but this clearly defines his features and his eyes. Every time I take the boys anywhere, people make comments about how they look so much alike. Which I don’t actually see. To boot, they look nothing alike at this age. As in, people at daycare who think Isaac now looks like Ell did at this age are just nuts.

Isaac has  hair, ears that stick out more, a different shaped head even! He also acts completely different. For starters, he’s not cautious when it comes to physical things. When Elliot was first learning to walk, he’d pull up, think about his choices, then take one or two tentative steps. If he succeeded, he might try again in a few minutes. If he failed, he gave up. Isaac spent all weekend catapulting himself off of the coffee table or doorjambs into some wobbly yet determined first steps. He didn’t give up until he got sick of it, which was maybe ten minutes each time and he tried all weekend long.

It’s actually really cool to see how different they both are, physically, personality-wise, and in other small ways. I don’t want to compare them all the time but I also can’t help it. I fear that once Isaac gets a grasp on walking and other physical things, Elliot is going to really need to catch up.

The cool thing about kids is seeing their personalities come out. This is also why I can see the addiction to having more kids. Though I am pretty sure we’ve now finally put that argument to rest. Two is fine. I’d be willing to open it back up if Florida wasn’t on the road to Hell. With a 3% pay cut coming soon and no hope of raises, I can say with 100% surety that it is NOT  a good idea to have another baby.

Monday morning I woke at 3:41 AM in a sweat, which I never do. I had just had a dream that I was pregnant and exceedingly unhappy about it. Which got me to thinking if I would really react that way were I to find out we’d conceived another. (Even though I am on BC.) Then again, I’d rather not.

Two is enough. And they are awesome.

2 thoughts on “Comparisons

  1. They look somewhat alike, but not a lot. At least I don’t think so.

    It’s hard not to compare your kids. I know.

    I had two as well, and that was plenty for me. Maybe if I were married and had a bigger place to live I would have had more, but as a single parent living in a 2 bedroom apartment, 2 was definitely enough!

  2. I can see them as brothers but not really alike.
    I compare my boys all the time and am always surprised when they are different. I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. Turbo and Bruiser are two very different boys. It is fun to look at them and see how different, and how similar they are.

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