Random Tuesday – So Much on My Plate edition


Ok people, you know what to do. It’s Tuesday, your chance to spew some random crap is now. Get on it!

  • I wanted chicken and rice so I went to Panda Express. But now I can’t stop singing this song.
  • If you remember that show, you get a cookie.
  • That Bang! game I mentioned in yesterday’s post has an ipod/iphone app. OMG, time suck!
  • At one point during our party on Saturday this random guy walked into the house (we had the door open because people were coming and going) and he goes into the kitchen, puts a beverage in the fridge and walks to the deck only to realize that… he’s at the wrong party. It was kind of funny, kind of creepy. He was a lot older than anyone there but I figured he was a friend of a friend. Turns out there was another party down the street. From then on though, whenever anyone showed up, they got quizzed on who the hell they were.
  • I need a new book to read. I am almost done with the 10th book in the Immortals After Dark series and I don’t have anything on deck. Sigh.
  • Isaac is 20 pounds, as far as the grocery store scale is concerned. We’ll see if the doctor concurs on Wednesday.
  • I took my annual trip to Wal-mart yesterday. I only go when everything else is closed and I remembered why: I hate shopping there. It’s crowded, the clientele is always trashy, even at this new one we have on the good side of town. Also, they expanded some areas which meant they combined others and I couldn’t find what I wanted in the art/office supply/card/party stuff sections. What a mess.
  • I want someone to explain to me the draw of the Royal Wedding. I mean, I like weddings, sure, but I don’t think I understand why we’re all so into it.

That’s all for this week. Your Man Candy is Adam Coussins out of England. He’s tattooed and I dig the chest hair; he’s kind of got that raw/rough look about him. Yum. Happy Tuesday!

9 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – So Much on My Plate edition

  1. No cookie for me either.
    Rowrr, those abs are to die for.
    Not really into the royal wedding either. Just don’t care one way or the other. Although it might be fun to hear that the two principals just chucked the whole thing and eloped.

  2. No cookie for me, but that’s fine, I don’t need any more cookies.
    I agree with you about Wal-Mart, but sometimes I still end up there.
    Okay, Wow!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. No cookie for me.

    I had a party once at my parent’s house when I still lived at home and some of my guests picked up a hitchhiker on the way to the party and when they all arrived at my house he proceeded to remove all his clothes and wander around naked for the rest of the party.

    I really don’t like WalMart and only go there if I absolutely have to i.e. they don’t have what I want at Target.

    Eye candy with tattoos! I’m in heaven!!

  4. I don’t get a cookie. Bummer. 🙂

    That’s too funny that some random guy crashed your party on Sunday – he must not have known many people at the party he was supposed to be at!

    I wish I could limit my Wal*Mart trips to once-a-year…or never. Might be able to avoid them when we move back to Seattle since there are way more options there than there are here. 🙂

    YUMMY man candy! You always manage to make me drool! 🙂

    Easter, Angry Birds – RTT Rebel

  5. Oh, hells yes — I get a cookie!
    I loved Sifl & Ollie!!!

    Shopping at Wal-Mart sucks so hard. I avoid that place at absolutely all costs — it helps keep me happy and sane.

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