My Book Boyfriend – Week 15

You’re probably sick of me picking Kresley Cole heroes but I am entrenched in  Dreams of a Dark Warrior and Oh Em Gee, Declan Chase AKA Aidan the Fierce is so ridiculously hot I cannot resist choosing him this week.

Regin, a recent deserter of Valhalla, has gone to the warlord’s encampment where he fights off foes who  attack the god Woden. She escaped her haven to find/help her sister, Lucia, and needed the aid of the mortals who fight in Woden’s name. When she first laid eyes on Aidan, she takes in his appearance:

He had broad shoulders and muscular arms, his build as massive as a bear’s. His blond hair was thick, some hanks plaited in ravels to keep them from his field of vision. He possessed all his teeth, and they were even and white. His sun-darkened skin made his wintry gray eyes stand out…

His towering frame was even more imposing, his height at least six and a half feet. His white tunic was of a fine weave, fitted over those wide shoulders.  Black trews of soft leather outlined his powerful legs. When a breeze blew up from the valley below, carrying the scent of summer wheat and stirring the blond hair around his face, she had the urge to sigh.

The berserkers were of the bear spirit and though mortals, had the opportunity to win immortality if they were successful in 200 battles. Before he could reach that goal, Aidan died but was reincarnated many times, each time running into Regin once more, with no prior knowledge of the love they once shared. Currently, he has returned as Declan Chase, the magister of an Order of mortals bent on eliminating creatures of the Lore.

I chose Chris Hemsworth for Declan because of his eyes. And as Thor, the dude is insanely hot.

The prologue sums up the undying love he has for Regin and I like the sentiment. Instead of hearing words of his, I think this speaks volumes. It’s a very pure and true love. It makes me sigh.

Just before his breaths ceased, he vowed, “Somehow love… I will find you”

And Aidan did.

Yearning for Regin endlessly, he was born again and again for the next thousand years, re-embodied in different guises and lives, with no memory of his past. Yet each borrowed lifetime ended more tragically than the last.

A pair of lovers – bound and cursed by fate.

8 thoughts on “My Book Boyfriend – Week 15

  1. Wow! Chris Hemsworth looks so young and different in these pictures from the images I’ve been seeing of him as Thor. So cute!

    And please feel free to continue to pick all the Kresley Cole heroes you want. I have yet to read any of her books, so this amount of hotness is inspiring.

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