I was debating whether or not to do MMOM but she didn’t host it this week due to the holiday. So here’s my feeble attempt to turn my weekend into some kind of blog post.

Friday was jacked up. Daycare was closed for Elliot so he came to the office with me – which was fine – and then Ash picked him up and they had lunch. I felt so bad for not being with them but I had my last class to teach and way too much work to just cut out. As the afternoon wore on, I felt sadder and sadder and since it was that “special” time o’ the month, my emotions got the best of me and by 4, I was in my car, eyes misting up, headed for the shelter of my bed. Turns out Ell and Ash missed their movie because they both took a long nap so they went to the last video store in town and got some dollar Disney movies.  After an hour nap, that evening, I set to cleaning up for the party on Saturday.

To clarify, this party is something that a newish friend of Ash’s throws each year. It’s a big thing/tradition, I guess. This year, when they brought it up, Ash volunteered our house. So all we did was provide the venue and they planned everything else, including food. I have to say, I was nervous about it because I didn’t know a lot of the people and wasn’t really in the be cheery kind of mood. But I made it work. Cleaned all Saturday morning until noon when I took Ell with me to my friend’s son’ birthday at a playground close to the house.

We stayed an hour then got on home to everyone already there, firing up the grill and the deep fryer for empanadas. The party was great actually. I spent a lot of time talking to various people and though the majority of them left around 8 PM, a few stayed and we played this cool game called Bang which was a hell of a lot of fun.

Once everyone left it was about 11 and we headed to bed, feeling really great. And then suddenly, I didn’t feel so hot. I had a headache that wouldn’t go away and then I found myself on the bathroom floor hugging the toilet. I find this odd since I ate a hamburger and a couple wings – and not much else – and I had one beer around 2 PM. Ugh. So I passed out and woke up Sunday still feeling bad. Ash watched the kids early so I could go back to sleep and when I awoke, I was well enough to at least function.

Didn’t do much Sunday. We were going to go out to eat for dinner but no one was feeling it, least of all the kids. Isaac was teething bad and Elliot was just in a funk. So we ate leftovers then played around in the front yard for a while, which seemed to alleviate Elliot of his attitude. And me of mine. I was in a no good mood when I determined I was probably getting a sinus infection. That wasn’t the reason we didn’t do a big Easter feast; we’re just not big on the holiday. I mean, Christians spaz out and make ham and other feast foods but really, it’s a pagan holiday at heart.

Anyway, I managed to get into the doc this morning and she thought it was just a cold with sinus symptoms because in order for it to be an actual infection, I would have to have these issues for 7-10 days. So I’m on the behind-the-counter type of Sudafed/Alleve and let’s hope it works. My head feels like someone kicked me right between the eyes.

It’s finals week on campus so things are a little slower. I have final grades to calculate and some other stuff to catch up on. I’m still pissed/depressed about the money thing I mentioned previously but they say everything happens for a reason. Maybe an online thing is going to present itself. Or something. I’m just hoping that reason shows up soon.

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Stumbling

  1. Glad the party was more fun than you expected. Adn hey you got to get outside on Sunday–we had snow off and on all weekend, yes I said snow. We stayed in and dealt with two candy crazed little boys. It was interesting.

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