Gonna make it happen. I mean, make this post happen. Now.

PhotobucketI confess… (You’re going to judge me here.) On my watch, Isaac fell off the couch and right onto his head. It happened so fast, I couldn’t grab him in time. Luckily he was just fine. No loss of consciousness or anything.

I confess… I am feeling a little sad about the end of the semester. So many people I know and have helped over the years are graduating and moving away.

I confess… For a moment, I really feared I was pregnant again. Oh my God, I would have fainted were it true.

I confess… I am reading a rather filthy book on my kindle. I like the story but the way it’s written is kind of hard to slog through so I love it and hate it.

I confess… I’m writing this at home at 11:48 at night because tomorrow, I have to take my oldest son to work as it is Good Friday and his daycare that is run through a church is closed. Sigh.

I confess… As much as I know I should go to sleep right now, I would rather stay up and play skeeball on my ipod. Lame!

9 thoughts on “Gonna make it happen. I mean, make this post happen. Now.

  1. I confess that I hate everyone that has today off, including your daycare workers.

    Glad Isaac survived the fall to laugh about it in te future. Although he’ll probably use it against you for making dumb decisions when he’s a teenager, lol

  2. Don’t feel bad–I let Turbo fall off the couch at 6 months, bruiser at 5 months. Totally mom of the year material here. Kids that age bounce. I’m sure of it.
    Hope the Easter bunny is good to your kids and that you have a great weekend.

  3. I’m with VandyJ, don’t feel bad. My youngest was such a flurry of motion that she was constantly falling off of things from the time she could crawl.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. What, doesn’t every child fall off a couch and hit their head? It’s all part of your plan to toughen him up!

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  5. Kids are resilient, and boys are squirmy. If he’s fine, there’s no reason for judging. Accidents just happen sometimes.

    Hope you and the family have a fabulous holiday weekend.

  6. Aw, i think that has happened to all my kids on my watch 🙂 welcome to the club! Dirty book-why, you dirty girl! I love to read-dirty or jot, if the story speaks to me, I will read it!

  7. I’m pretty sure all the free kindle books are dirty. Isn’t that the point? 😉 Girl porn, hahah. Some of them are downright TERRIBLE though.

    Aww poor little one. I’m so afraid when I have a kid I’m going to break the baby. Terrified.

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by. I am open to any possibilities of maybe in the (not so very near) future liking sushi again. I’ll let you know if it ever happens. On another note I can’t even remember the amount of times my kids have fallen off of things..not that I’m a bad mother,to the contrary they’ve always been with me and I’m super careful, childproofing everything around me…but sometimes they I just can’t keep up. Oh well they have turned out just fine, so far. xo

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