A new meme – YAY!

You know me; I love a good challenging meme and this one is right up my alley, what with all my extraneous romance novel reading as of late. So here’s the deal. I spent about forty minutes coming up with my first post and I think I’m gonna go with one of the vampires from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I’m going with Vishous from Lover Unbound because I knew instantly he was the one I was most drawn to.

Vishous is the smartest of the Brothers and the most brooding. He has the unfortunate ability to see the future and it kills him to know how each of his brothers are going to die. I think I liked him the most because he’s the most tortured. He’s undeniably sexy in his unusual proclivities and his unconventional attraction to Butch (another character in the series) was just plain hot.

He’s described as very tall (of course, they’re all huge), dark hair a little long in the front, goatee and the tattooed hand which is part of his curse.

By Anyae on Deviant Art

He has a thing for, uh, chains so I sometimes pictured him like this:

Quote that killed me, though there were several:

“I love you. And I’m going to keep loving you even after you don’t know I exist”

The vampires always erase the memory of humans so their race isn’t exposed but he could not bear to do it to the woman he falls in love with. In his past, he never could give himself to any one person but when he met Jane, everything suddenly changed. It was that part of his story I liked the best.

6 thoughts on “A new meme – YAY!

  1. I almost died reading Vishous’s backstory. It was heartbreaking, what he had to endure. I love V! I love how he connects to people.

    Awesome choice! And that picture is HAWT!

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