Thursday 13 – Super whiney complainy edition


  1. Isaac is underweight – not a surprise – but man, we were just not feeding him enough formula. I have one kid so you’d think I knew how to do this. I played it by ear and fed him when he was hungry but apparently it’s not enough. Operation Bulk Up Baby now in effect.
  2. On my last run, I hit that point in training when I really questioned what the hell I’m doing. Why would I put myself through such torture? The pros far outweighed the cons but still. I had to struggle through that.
  3. Elliot is sick. It makes a lot of sense because we’ve all already had the funk. It was his turn.
  4. I’m ready for Spring.
  5. The Lose It! app is really keeping me accountable for my food intake. I’m not dieting yet, only running, but I find myself addicted to recording my meals every day.
  6. One more day until Bones comes back. YAY!
  7. I dropped my vacuum off for service on December 27th. They STILL have not returned it. I keep calling and though their reasons are legit (factory sent wrong part, etc.) I think I might complain about the final price, no matter what. That’s a long effing time.
  8. Yesterday was one of those days where I wanted to throw both middle fingers in the air and tell the world to eff off.
  9. Today is better. Slightly.
  10. I need to find new ways to reward myself. I have a problem with feeling like I’m “owed” a reward and I realize no one is going to do that but myself. It has to be a contract with myself. Do this, get that.
  11. That said, I feel the undying need to shop and buy myself one thing that’ll make me happy. Btw, I am broke.
  12. I am so pissed that this cold weather and my generally busy life has kept me from taking pictures. Grr…
  13. This is the funniest site I have been to in a long long time. I crack up every time and it’s so inappropriate when I’m in my office. LOL.

8 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Super whiney complainy edition

  1. Check out The Swartzbein Diet. It’s not like a diet at all but a healthy way to eat that can get you at a healthy weight. Maybe another kind of formula? Spring will be here soon!

  2. Yes. Spring. Now. Please.

    Hope you feel even *more better tomorrow!

    *can’t figure out a way to say that without it sounding like a crime against basic grammar

  3. LOL, Dave, I think that too. Like, just type it correctly! I mean, autocorrect does sometimes change it while you are typing but, duh, go back. And that’s a good link; classic.

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