Random Tuesday – A Dark Day in Hell


Well, with all Keely’s talk over at UnMom about Hellish things and world domination, I thought I’d follow suit. AND, some people consider Tallahassee hell and uh, it’s been raining for the last day. It’s absolutely wretched outside.

  • We took Elliot to this bounce house place on Saturday. We have one called Z.oinks that I effing HATE. It’s loud, it’s crowded, it’s too tightly packed into the space they have, and the pimply angsty teenagers that work there bitch and moan when kids over 13 and adults get in the bouncies. So we checked out Olly W.allies and oh boy, so much better. Adults are allowed in (I had a freaking blast!) and it was more spread out. Best seven bucks to keep that kid happy we’ve ever spent.
  • Later that day, I ran 11.5 miles. I knew it would be a longer run (I was only slated to go 11) and I also knew the route I chose was riddled with hills. Oy. Around mile nine, on a particularly rugged hill near the womens’ prison, my hip started to hurt. I can’t tell if it’s the bone or just the flexors but man, what a pain. As I was on the home stretch, my knees were screaming and I ran out of water and I have never been so happy to reach my front door in all my life.
  • Now, see, I was smart and knew that run would be rugged so I scheduled myself a massage for Sunday. I got there around 4 PM and waited for my dude. They don’t ask if you want a man or a woman but they throw out times. They’ll say, “I have a 12 with Laura or a 4 with Cody.” In all my six or seven massages, the only one with enough pressure was given to me by a man. And Cody did not disappoint. Plus, we talked a lot about running (his massage therapist girlfriend is a runner) and we talked about computer games like dorks. But that was only the first 20 minutes because then he got down to work on my carpal tunnel and my hip and oh boy, I was like jell-o when he was through. I promptly scheduled myself another date with Cody for right after my half-marathon.
  • I can’t seem to make coffee taste, well, not burned, in my French Press. Anyone have any pointers?
  • On Saturday, I had four boiled eggs throughout the day. My mom got all in a huff about my cholesterol. As if I eat eggs any other time during the week. Sigh. MOTHERS!
  • My parents’ 40th wedding anniversary is this year and they’ve decided on the Grand Canyon. Of all the places they could go, they chose there. Not that I wouldn’t want to see such a wondrous natural beauty but they had Greece and Ireland on the table as well. Hmm, Greece, methinks.
  • Meanwhile, we’ve started scoping our belated 5th anniversary (back in October) trip to Hawaii. We’re thinking early August, though month barely matters because Hawaii is freaking awesome any time you go. We do have to a.) give ourselves time to tone up and b.) go during a month when my mom’s off school so she can watch the boys. I am starting to get really excited about lounging on the beach and seeing volcanoes, since we didn’t do that last time around.
  • Your Man Candy today spawns from the fact that I watched Iron Man 2 two times this weekend. The Mickey Rourke villains’ last name is Vanko. This is model  Radoslav Vanko, a Slovakian stud. You see where my train of thought led. Though he’s way hotter than Mickey Rourke ever was.

13 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – A Dark Day in Hell

  1. Great post, you always bring the laughs! About the French Press, been using one for years. It starts with the grind of coffee, make sure you are grinding coffee really really course because if it’s too fine, you are getting too much coffee dust in your cup and that’s nasty. Also, make sure you let it sit for 5 min. max! And if you are still sensitive to the taste then go the extra mile and only buy coffee from someone who has just roasted it in the last 2 weeks. I can recommend some roasters if you need further info. Good luck!

  2. Rachel said it all about the coffee situation. I need a massage just to get rid of the stooped painting shoulder thing I’ve got going. Too bad your Cody doesn’t live in Houston. Hawaii is always fun.

  3. You are the running queen! Congrats! Keep up the amazing training! i do have to question your parents’ judgement. The Grand Canyon over Greece? Parents! Oh well, console yourself with thoughts of Hawaii. There is NEVER a bad time to go to Hawaii!

  4. I am so relieved that my son has pretty much outgrown those indoor bouncy places. I’m pretty sure they’re all just one enormous, seething petri dish of germs. Eww. I want Cody. I need Cody. Now, damn it. Actually, when I picture Cody, I’m picturing that Slovakian stud guy, which I realize might not be quite accurate.

  5. Wow! That’s some man candy!

    I took my son to our version of a jump house. It’s a terrible place. He has a blast and I feel sweaty and germ-filled by the time we leave!

  6. I was really wondering how you were going to get from Mickey Rourke to beautiful in such a short paragraph.
    I’d have totally picked Greece too.

  7. I love how your train of thought brought the yummy man-candy! And yes, he’s way hotter than Mickey Rourke ever was. 😉

    Yep, coarsely ground should do the trick with your coffee press – when I was using one all the time, I bought whole beans and kept them in the freezer to keep them fresher longer, and only ground them as needed. No burnt taste! 🙂

    You are a running maniac! And a genius scheduling a massage the next day.

    I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii – looking forward to reading all about it when you do go! And to choose the Grand Canyon over Greece or Ireland? So not the direction I would have gone… 😉

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